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Zella: Curses and Conquerors -- EPUB

  • Joseph Daniels inherits land full of hauntings, spirited creatures and a love he didn't know he was searching for.
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Release Date:
January 21, 2016
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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Centuries ago in the Colorado mountains, a horrendous act birthed a great evil that destroyed the land’s indigenous people. Legends were told that whomever entered its forest would be hunted and killed by the face of their own regrets. Those who survived the cursed terrain claimed a woman, and the monsters that protect her, saved them from their guilt induced deaths.

Joseph Daniels is a New York businessman that has gone bankrupt due to his risk-taking personality. His stepfather has died and left him over 500 acres of private Colorado mountain property. Only to find a young girl living on the land, claiming that she is his stepfather’s daughter and true heir to the mountains. Wanting her kept quiet, Joe starts an investigation to shine light on the girl’s past, what really killed his stepfather, and why he feels the mountains calling him.  


Joe could hear his heart beat when she looked his way, he wasn't sure if Hudson even introduced him. He couldn't focus on anything but her. Hudson raced over to escort her through the gardens, down the blue fire lit walkway, to the banquet in the meadow. Joe followed, looking on from the background as the guardians cheered her name.       

Zella looked pleased with the meadow-styled banquet, all the colors and vine tables. The guardians started chanting something Joe didn't understand until Zella agreed. She pulled out a strand from her hair and it turned to powder. She threw it on the blue fire, and the illusions of the stars and galaxies came down to shelter the party like ceiling decorations. Joe asked himself why he would ever want to leave such a sight. Nothing will or could ever be this exquisite.

The party was on its way when Joe noticed the lake off to the right was dancing to the music as well, with stories of the rescued lives of the forest. Joe remembered the strange moment when the water formed Carl and he decided to stay away from the lake to avoid the sequel to his last banquet failure.

Even so, he hungered to be in Zella's company for the evening. He looked to see she was already dancing along with many others. He tried to be coy though he knew there was nowhere he could blend in, but the hope of Zella noticing his presence was yet to be seen. Joe casually ate the berries from the banquet tables as he watched Zella twirl on the dance floor by herself. The music was lively and even had Joe tapping his foot.

But the instant the music slowed Joe made his move to the middle of the dance portion of the meadow. Ignoring the flower guardian's rude look at his intrusion, he reached for her hand from behind and twirled her around into his arms.

She caught her breathe at his touch, her eyes widened, but her body eased into his embrace sending his heart racing like a wild animal. Her eyes spoke that she missed him, or was it the way he made her feel when he touched her.

Joe looked deeply into her eyes, and spoke like he was damming up his river of excitement, "Don't worry, I won't try anything. I just want to dance with you."

Zella glanced to the guardians. He knew she couldn't avoid him the entire evening and this time was as good as any for him to say what he wanted. He took her hand and swayed to the music.

She returned his caring gaze, and spoke sweetly, "So what did you want to tell me?"


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