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Wounded Heroes by Anne Patrick

Friendships forged on the battlefield are often times stronger than the best of marriages. They eat, sleep, fight beside one another, and, sometimes, even fall in love in the midst of chaos. For many, the war never ends. Even when the soldier is home with loved ones, they have trouble coping. No one comes home from a war zone untouched. Many scars aren't visible to the naked eye.

For Kory Wagner and her former teammates from the Army, the horrors of war are still very much a part of who they are. PTSD is just one of many problems they must contend with upon returning to civilian life. From murdered loved ones, to missing siblings, these battle-worn brothers and sisters in arms must find the answers they seek and try to put the past behind them.

Finding peace and regaining their faith is their only mission now. 

Books in Series: 6

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense