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Wounded Heroes Book Three: Betrayal -- EPUB

  • Army veteran Drew Presley returns to Dauphine Island to start a new life with his son, but first he has to solve his wife's murder.
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Release Date:
FEBRUARY 11, 2013
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Drew Presley's wife was murdered while he was serving his country in Iraq. Giving up a career he loved, he's returned to Dauphine Island to care for his son and try to make a new life for them. The unsolved murder of his wife continues to plague him. The islanders are very protective of their own and he fears a killer is among them. The more he searches for answers though the more dangerous it becomes. Just as troublesome is his attraction to his son's second-grade teacher.

Trudy Walsh was Nora Presley's best friend so the bond she has with Nora's motherless child is only normal. And when Reed's father begins to volunteer on the set of the spring play, she begins to second guess the stale relationship she is currently in. Drew's obsession with his wife's murder threatens their friendship when he begins to suspect a fellow islander.


Drew Presley glared at the police chief. "I want to know why you haven't found Nora's killer?" It took every ounce of self-reserve to keep his rage in check.

Police Chief Cal Rinaldo took a step back, his right hand resting on his revolver. "Now look here, Sergeant Presley, I'm--"

"It's been eighteen months since my wife's murder. I want some answers and I want them now."

Cal ran his free hand over thinning black hair, his eyes shifting to his dispatcher. Drew followed his gaze. The woman stared back with wide eyes. "Why don't we step into my office," Cal suggested. "Amy, hold my calls."

Drew relaxed his fists at his side and followed Cal down a narrow hallway. He suspected the young dispatcher would be calling in reinforcement any moment.

"Would you like some coffee?" Cal walked to a file cabinet near his desk and started to pour a cup from the coffeemaker sitting on top.

"No. Answers are all I want." He stepped to the wooden desk, crossing his arms. Usually he was a patient man. A twelve-year army career had taught him that. He was tired of waiting, though, for answers he should have received months ago.

"Sergeant Presley... or may I call you Drew?"

Drew nodded. His army career was behind him now.

"Keep in mind, Drew, that although Dauphine Island is small, people around here tend to mind their own business and don't like getting involved. That makes my job a whole lot tougher." He sat at his desk and removed a file from the middle drawer. "As you already know, a local fireman by the name of Jack Diamond found your wife's body while running on Paradise Trail. Doc Russell performed the autopsy and concluded she died from blunt force trauma to her head."

"I know how she died." Drew let out an exhausted sigh. "I want to know who's responsible."

"So do I. We all do. It's going to take time, though. My men and I have earnestly investigated this case but haven't come up with one single shred of evidence that can link anyone on the island to her murder."

"So what are you saying, a tourist killed her? Why? She was a teacher for heaven's sake." And a well-loved one at that. She grew up on Dauphine Island. The whole community admired and respected her.

"We've talked to all her friends and co-workers. She had no enemies that we know of so robbery seems the most logical motive. Her purse was never found."

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