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Whispers In The Wind by Ann Carter

Eleanor, a young elf raised in the traditions of a society which shuns human contact, is trained and sent out into the world to learn the ways of the enemy. It does not take long for her to begin questioning what she has been told of the war between her people and the humans, a war destroyed the fighting elite on both sides, five hundred years ago,. While all accounts agreed it was a time of blood, lies and death, each side blamed the other for the atrocities carried out in its name.

In her search for the truth, Eleanor uncovers a dark, hollow secret at the heart of elven society, one which has been kept hidden for centuries. Dark elves once followed forbidden paths, draining the blood and life force from elves and humans alike, becoming powerful, ravening monsters.

For Eleanor, discovering the truth has unforeseen consequences. Where she once lived in blissful ignorance, she is now forced to face the fact that monsters are just over the horizon and could return at any time.

With the rest of her people, she trains, expanding her magical abilities, aware of the need to fight to have any hope of protecting their small community from the creatures of the night.