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Where the River Flows -- EPUB

  • Mail order bride, Viola Bunting arrives in Colter Valley, Montana to her uncooperative rancher groom Joshua McKade. A sweeping romance of learning to love.
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Release Date:
November 21, 2015
Taria Reed Studios
Cover Artist:
Taria Reed
Cover Models:
Angelina Cavanaugh & Ryan White

Product Description

Viola Bunting is forced to leave Virginia and the life she's always known as a mail order bride to marry a rancher in Colter Valley, Montana.  Unfortunately her intended is not quite prepared to follow through with the marriage.

By the time Joshua McKade finds out a mail order bride is coming to marry him, it's too late to put a stop to it.  He decides to come to an agreement with his new bride.  They will live together, he will provide a home in exchange for cooking and cleaning.  What he doesn't expect is for his wife to be so enticingly beautiful.



Obedient for the time being, he washed up in the water barrel and changed into a shirt Abigail produced from inside the house. "I need to talk to her in private prior to saying the vows." He told his sister who nodded and surprisingly did not argue.

"Of course. It's proper for you and she to talk for a bit. Introduce yourselves before getting married."

They walked back to the porch. Viola was no longer there. Abigail motioned to a chair. "Wait here, I'll tell Viola to come out." His sister smiled at him, her eyes misting. "She is so pretty and so very nice. You'll love her immediately."

Joshua frowned at his sister. "Women and your romantic notions."

"Oh you'll see. I just know you'll be chomping at the bit to consummate the marriage."

"Abigail hush," he replied in a whisper. "Go on and get her now."

His sister giggled and went inside her words turning his mind to thoughts he’d rather not have prior to speaking to Miss Bunting. Heat threatened to climb from his neck to his face so he paced and looked to the sky, hoping the brisk air would help.

"Mr. McKade?" Her voice was husky and definitely becoming. Joshua turned to find she watched him with interest. From the pinch between her brows, she was not at all impressed by him.

Joshua moved closer and reached out his hand. "Joshua."

Her hand was small and delicate in his. "Viola Bunting. I do suppose we should call each other by our given names."

Up close she was prettier than he expected. Beautiful in all honesty. Expressive brown eyes, a cute pert nose, and although her mouth was a bit larger than would be considered attractive, it suited her perfectly. There was a light sprinkle of freckles across her nose and top of her cheeks. A delicate mole on the right corner of her lip caught his attention.

"I still find it awkward, you will excuse me if I stumble over my words." She sat and looked up at him with expectation.

Joshua pulled the other chair to across from hers and lowered into it. "I have some things to discuss regarding this arrangement of ours."

"Arrangement?" Her right eyebrow lifted.

He plowed forward. "I do not have romantic aspirations, Miss Bunting. I expect you do not either."

"No, I do not." Her honesty surprised him. "I expect at best to become good friends."

"Yes, right. I want to propose we agree to our responsibilities to each other prior to getting married."

"Housework and cooking in exchange for providing me with a roof over my head, clothing, and food?" Viola's bored expression almost made him laugh.

"And some help with the ranching."


"Excuse me?"

"I will not be out there plowing or milking. I detest the thought of rough hands and sunburned skin." Her eyebrows high, she waited for his reaction.

"Have you ever milked a cow, Miss Bunting?"

"I thought we had agreed on given names. And no, Mr. McKade, I have not."


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