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West of Heaven -- EPUB

  • Boycotted by cowboys, Marcella must recruit unemployed ladies of ill repute to move her newly inherited cattle north. A tale of Lonesome Soiled Doves?
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Release Date:
April 15, 2011
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Marcella McGovern arrives in Onion Creek, Texas for the reading of the will of her unknown benefactress. Accompanied by the attorney who managed her education but kept the secret of her parenthood, she soon discovers more shocks than her prim upbringing prepared her to face.

The late proprietress of the local house of ill repute, Miss Sophie Castleman, and Clint Harte, wealthy cattle baron of the Heart O' Gold Ranch, were murdered in each others arms. The will names Marcella as their secret daughter and inheritor of Sophie's bawdy house and all Harte’s marketable cattle.

Complicating the inheritance is Lucky Desloge, Sophie’s disreputable but all too-tempting majordomo, a prime suspect in the murders.

And what about all Sophie’s working girls who are in hiding in her boarded-up house?

Then Clint Harte's angry widow issues Marcella an ultimatum, get the cattle off the Heart O' Gold or pay the price.


"Well, ain't this a cozy pitchur?" The man's bellowing entry shattered Marcella's attempt at composure. She screamed and jumped from her seat into Mr. Peeper's none-too-steady embrace.

The man continued on as if nothing had happened. "The sheriff and his drinkin' buddy, Lucky Desloge, near shoulder to shoulder in Miz Sophie's parlor. Fixin' to split up the spoils already, 'ey, Lucky? When Miz Sophie ain't yet settled in the grave you put her in?"

"Crane, this is private business." Sheriff White moved to block his path. "You'll need to wait outside until--"

"Don't waste your instructions on him, Ezra. Crane always has to be shown the door." Desloge threw aside his hat and strode past the sheriff.

Crane froze as if startled by the sudden strike of a rattler. Grabbing Crane's collar with one fist and his belt with the other, Desloge jerked the man around and shoved him toward the door. Marcella gasped at how the intruder's bulk shriveled to a powerless mass in Jean Luc's grip.

"White, you gonna let this murderer manhandle me like this?" Crane whined. "Miz Harte ain't gonna be too happy when she hears how you let her foreman and emissary be treated. And by the very man who made her a widder."

"Maybe I haven't had my fill of widder-makin' yet, Crane." Desloge's tone was soft but deadly. "Maybe your wife would thank me most kindly if I made her one."

"Sheriff?" Crane strained to get the word out.

"Let him go, Lucky. He'll wait on the porch now 'til he's invited, won't you, Crane?"

"That won't be necessary, Sheriff." Peeper patted Marcella's arm and guided her back to her seat. "I believe we can proceed with Mr. Crane present as Mrs. Harte's representative for the remainder of the reading. Mr. Desloge is free to go, however."

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Product Reviews

  1. Fun, Adventure, Romance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Aug 2013

    In "West of Heaven", Barbara Scott takes a well-known genre and adds her own special twists.

    Kicking off the story in a baudy house in the small town of Onion Creek, Texas, Scott takes stock characters; the innocent ingenue from back east, the town reprobate, the ladies of the night and proceeds to turn them inside out. The ingenue, Marcella, becomes a strong woman who takes charge of her own life. The girls of the baudy house are painted in full color, each harboring secret and unusual talents that make a very unusual trail ride not only believable but very entertaining.

    In the process, Scott creates one of my favorite male characters, Jean Luc Desloge. When he falls for Marcella McGovern, the unsuspecting heir to the house of ill-repute and two thousand head of cattle, he finds himself herding girls and cows while struggling with his need for a drink.

    With her usual attention to detail and her ability to allow her characters to speak for themselves, the author gives us a very real world we willingly inhabit.

    I always love Barbara Scott's books but I rarely pick up a western. I should have known better. Barbara Scott's books are anything but ordinary.

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