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Walkers Ridge by Angela Roe

Come to Walkers Ridge, an idyllic little community nestled in the foothills of Montana, The folks who call this charming location home are tough enough to carve a life from the land while carving a spot for themselves in the hearts of those they love.

From the sheriff who falls for a romance author on the run, to a business woman who seems to have cast a spell on everyone but the investigative journalist doing an article, everyone has obstacles to overcome.

The diner is the center of the community and run by Miss Daisy. She knows everything from the deputy’s allergies to the way the town vet takes his coffee. Belly up to the counter as the diner serves up a revolving cast of Walkers Ridge characters and get the latest gossip and the best food.

Whether happily ever after or heartaches, the people of Walkers Ridge face life’s challenges head on with a determination and strength that brings an excitement and drama to small town living.

Books in Series: 7

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Modern Cowboys