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Voodoo Bones -- EPUB

  • A beleaguered detective falls in love with the beautiful owner of a New Orleans voodoo shop after a corpse is found above her store.
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Release Date:
October 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Laura Morrigan

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Noel Galliano has always wanted her own business. So in spite of critics who believe she won’t succeed, she opens a tiny French Quarter voodoo shop and works to make it a success. What she doesn’t count on is finding a dismembered corpse upstairs.

Detective Mathieu Bergeron is considered a failure around the district station, until he puts away the Bayou Ripper. Then another mutilated body is found above Noel's voodoo shop in the French Quarter, and both his arrest and competence are thrown into question.

Matt and Noel must work together to solve this terrifying crime in the Big Easy... and along the way, they fall in love.


Matt squatted beside the dead girl and examined her twisted, pale neck. Sure enough, a dark red line was gouged into her skin. He sighed. "Okay. Where's CSU?"

"On the way."

"Make sure they get plenty of pictures of her neck."

"I've got it covered."

Something in Crawford's tone made Matt look up. The ME's dark eyes gleamed with derision. Anger boiled inside Matt, but he held it in check. No way would he let the bastard know his air of superiority bothered Matt in the least. Damn it. Gage Simms had soured everyone against him.

He gritted his teeth and came to his feet. "Any witnesses?"

"No idea." Crawford peered down his sharp nose at Matt and jerked his head toward the other end of the alley, where two uniformed officers lurked in semi-darkness. "Ask the first guys on scene."

"All right." Matt's heart raced. He dug out his pad and pen and made a few notes. Even his big collar two days ago, when he'd single-handedly brought in the Bayou Ripper, hadn't silenced his critics. His former partner's constant barbs had alienated everyone in the district station, and now that the jerk had been elevated to commander, Matt was seriously considering asking for a transfer. He started down the alley, and his cell phone rang.

With a sharp curse, he jerked it off his belt. "Bergeron."

"Matt." Speak of the devil. It was Gage Simms. "Got another one for you."

"You can't be serious." Matt halted. "I just got here."

"I'll send someone else. Get your ass over here. To Vous Deux, on Esplanade."

"That new voodoo shop?"

"Yeah. And Matt -- I told you so."

"What are you talking about?" A sick feeling swirled in the pit of Matt's stomach.

Simms laughed. "You'll see when you get here."

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Product Reviews

  1. Exciting Suspense 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2013

    Atkins pens an edge of your seat romantic thriller with "Voodoo Bones." Set in New Orleans, Det. Matthieu Bergeron has put the "Voodoo Ripper" behind bars – or so he thought. When a gruesome murder is discovered above the voodoo shop that Noel Galliano operates, Matt fears he might have gotten the wrong man. Will his attraction to Noel distract him from solving the case?

    Noel wants something more from life so she breaks away from what her family wants and follows her heart by opening up a voodoo shop. She's terrified to discover such a gruesome crime has been committed in her building, yet she faces it with bravery. She also can't deny the powerful attraction she feels toward the detective working the investigation: Matt Bergeron.

    Matt has his problems - a challenging case and no suspects. Will his attraction to Noel place her in danger and be his undoing?

    Atkins' grabs the reader's attention immediately with a harrowing crime scene. Her writing is engaging and easy to read. The pace never lets up and culminates in a furious storm of emotions.

    Matt has the weight of the world on his shoulders, so when Noel comes into his life, he finds she's the breath of fresh air he needs. Noel isn't looking for a man, but Matt makes her feel safe and protected. It's a feeling that gives her a sense of peace she hasn't known.

    The love scene is sensual and intense, capturing Matt and Noel's heightened feelings. Voodoo Bones will take the reader on a fast pace ride and won't let go.

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