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Viva Las Vegas: A DBP Anthology -- EPUB

  • What happens in Vegas... six stories about finding love in Vegas, because what happens in Vegas could just be your happily ever after.

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Release Date:
March 1, 2016
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description


A collection of short stories about finding love in Las Vegas. The advertising label may say "What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas", but sometimes what happens in Vegas can mean happily ever after. 

Anything You Can Do

By: Sandra Sookoo

A second chance at love is on the table when ex-couple Hailey and Flynn run into each other at a Vegas cooking class.

Portrait of A Hero

By: Hildie McQueen

Despite past experiences, it's best to give in to destiny, especially when the pull of temptation between photographer Chelsea Montoya and wounded Veteran Austin Ford is hotter than a Las Vegas summer.

Shore Leave

By: Lysa Demorest

Mission Plans: A weekend about friendship and geeking out at the Vegas Star Trek Convention. For Astrid, mission parameters change to boldly explore forgotten horizons.

Fools Rush In

By: Gail R. Delaney

Daniel believes in love, despite all evidence against it. Tessa has given up on love. A wedding chapel owner and a runaway bride. Who would've thought?

Hauntings in Howlin' Moon Hotel

By: Nicole Zoltack

One haunted hotel plus one physician assistant plus one toy store manager equals a terrifying yet romantic trip to Vegas.


By: Tamara McHatton

RomanticTimes Convention Virgin Alessia finds her high-tech life off kilter when she meets Brodie, the sexiest programmer alive, who has more to his story than meets the eye.

EXCERPT (From Anything You Can Do)

A red haze of anger fell over his eyes. "How wonderful to hear that you've landed on your feet, Hailey." He directed the conversation back to her. "Obviously, I was holding you back," he replied in a deadly quiet voice that brought Marcus' gaze snapping to him. Flynn ignored his sibling as he glared at his ex. The room narrowed and darkened, leaving him alone with only her. His pulse roared in his ears while the urge to get even, show her that he, too, was doing just fine reared its ugly head. "Since we're being adults and we have no ill will toward each other, how about a friendly competition?"

"What are you doing?" Marcus whispered.

"What's this about a competition?" Chef Terry asked as he joined their group with his hands on his slim hips.

Why did this have to become a "thing" now? But running on raw emotion was never good and adding that layer sent him bubbling over. Flynn stomped on caution and instead pasted a cold grin to his face. "Well, Chad was just bragging on how good his and Hailey's plate is. I beg to differ, so I'm challenging them both."

"Interesting." Chef Terry rocked up and down on his toes. Then he nodded. "I like it. In fact, I'm inspired." He clapped his hands. "When you all come in tomorrow, consider yourselves entered into the competition. I'll personally judge each dish, but I won't know who cooked them. You'll all present them to me on a tasting counter then I'll come in and sample each one." He threw a pleased glance around the room. "Whomever I deem worthy will be refunded the full amount of their class and given a fifty dollar token for the casino."

Murmurs of approval circulated around the room.

"That's fine, but my competition is personal," Flynn warned. Again, he nailed Hailey with what he hoped was a speaking glance. "Anything you can do, I can do better."

Chad snorted. "Ah, dinner theater. How cliché."

Heat stole through his face as she held his gaze. Hers roiled with determination and annoyance as she popped her hands onto her hips -- those curved hips his fingers itched to explore again but would never have the chance.

"If that's the way it's going to be..."

He nodded curtly. "It is." No going back now.

She narrowed her eyes then extended a hand and wriggled her fingers as if egging him on. "I can do anything better than you." Of course she had to follow up with the theme.

"Give me strength," his brother muttered. Marcus tugged him away from the fray.

Flynn maintained eye contact with the woman he'd once pledged to marry and still carried a torch for -- much to his own exasperation. "I'll show you exactly what you missed out on," he added right before his brother caught him in a headlock.

"Oh, this is just terrific," Hailey mumbled. "What is happening to my life?"

"Tying up loose ends?" Chad snickered. "Might as well start the clean-up. Big day tomorrow. Maybe you two will finally have closure and the rest of us can move on to other things."

"Seriously?" Marcus gave him a shove toward their sink. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm not, okay?" Flynn gripped the edge of the sink. "I'm not." How could he when every spare space in his brain had Hailey's image on it or was imprinted with the sound of her laughter or the particular scent of her perfume that had always reminded him of sunshine?

"All right." His brother clapped a hand on his shoulder then squeezed. "Of course you're upset. You have every right to be. After tomorrow, we'll go home and so will she. Your paths won't cross again."

"Yeah." He took in a big gulp of air, hoping to calm himself.

"Everything will be fine. Why don't you hit the lobby or something? I'll finish here then we'll grab dinner, maybe watch a game or something." Concern threaded through the words.

Flynn nodded. "Sure." As he exited the instruction kitchen, he shook his head. How would anything be fine ever again when the only time it had been was when she'd been in his life?

Nope, no way could he want her more than he did in that moment. Hailey was his destiny. Why couldn't she want that too? And even if she did, what did he think he'd do about it anyway? Their fate had been sealed five years ago.

Hadn't it?

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