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Unlikely Partners by Sandra Sookoo

Unlikely partners, Samantha Arnold and Mitchell Mitchell come together in a small town setting to solve random, unexplainable crimes. The fact that they fall in love along the way is just a bonus. Life is oftentimes messy and has stumbling blocks, but what’s living without a few challenges to overcome? Both of them need to think independently as well as rely on each other to prevail.

Meet Sam Arnold. She’s a prep cook at the local café in the small Indiana town of Newburg. On the side, she’s a struggling romance writer. And she likes to sing Christmas carols in times of stress or concentration. Content enough with her life, once Special Agent Mitchell Mitchell comes to town, things change in exciting, and often dangerous ways. Never will she look at small town living quite the same again. Assisting her eye candy boyfriend only makes things better, especially when they’re both dodging her nosy family.

Enter Patton Mitchell. He’s a special agent with the FBI, hates his real name and generally doesn’t like to waste time with chit-chat. Once he meets the wacky and refreshingly funny Sam on this first case in the small town, his life will never return to normal. Every time he thinks he’s escaped the weirdness that is Newburg, something happens to pull him back in. He doesn’t mind as long as Sam’s along for the ride. Though her family is full of characters, he likes having them around to fill the void his dad left. Somehow, it all works.

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Contemporary romantic suspense