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Unlikely Partners Book Seven: The Family Who Loved Me -- EPUB

  • It’s time for Agent Kevin Herriman’s wedding to Carlie Noblett, but someone wants him dead and someone else wants the ceremony stopped.
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Release Date:
November 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Agent Kevin Herriman is finally marrying Carlie and life is perfect, but during a congenial game of paintball, someone fires at him with real bullets. When the engagement ring goes missing, he assumes coincidence. He ignores both incidents, until the shooter tries again in a public venue.

Carlie Noblett is beyond excited. It’s her wedding weekend and she’ll finally have her agent all to herself—no work, no cases, no crime. But when someone sends her a threat at her bachelorette party, she wonders. As little sabotages crop up as the weekend progresses, she panics. Is she strong enough for this life?

When an usher turns up dead, Kevin can’t deny that murder is in play. The only thing he wants is to marry Carlie, but unless he can stay one step ahead of the killer, he’ll wear his tux to his own funeral. Time’s running out for love to conquer all.


"If we don't get this flag down the field to our base, they'll take it from us, and I refuse to bow to Webber's team."

The flag in question was red with a big snowman on it. Theirs was green and featured a Santa Claus. Apparently, even the paintball place was Christmas themed.

"Understood." He peered through the slats of one of the pallets. "Looks like Lewis is down." She was on their team. "So is Patterson." He was on Cam's team. "If we can get to Daphne and cover her flank, we can have her make a run for it. She's almost there anyway." Currently, she was holed up behind a pile of old wooden wine casks. The tip of the red flag she'd snagged from Agent Lewis was barely visible.

"Let's go." Mitchell gave a set of hand signals, but before Kevin could act upon them, the whizz of a bullet echoed in his ear. A splinter of wood sprayed down on him from the pallets above.

"What the ever-loving hell was that?" Surely he'd imagined it. This was a paintball field, not a shooting range. Yet as he glanced overhead, the unmistakable trail of a bullet had made its way through the rotting wood.

"Herriman!" Mitchell's shout rang in his head as his boss propelled himself across the empty expanse of grass and then darted and rolled behind the pallets to land beside Kevin. "What is the delay? We're about to be killed."

Some of us more than others. "Someone's shooting at me."

"Well, duh. This is paintball, after all. I assumed you knew how the game worked." He glanced through the sight on his marker, his finger poised on the trigger.

"No." Kevin shook his head. "As in bullets. Real ones." He ran a gloved finger along the splintered wood. "Just now." Then he pointed catty-corner across the field toward a stand of oak trees. Most of the brown leaves hadn't fallen. "From that direction if I had to venture a guess."

"You're mistaken." Mitchell shook his head. "No way someone would--"

The whine of another bullet interrupted him. This time the slug buried itself into the ground beside Kevin, right where his left hand had been resting seconds before.

He narrowed his eyes at his best friend. "Still think I'm imagining things?" His pulse kicked up. Why the hell was someone gunning for him?

"Damn." Mitchell turned to him, but the visor prohibited seeing his eyes clearly. Another incoming bullet scraped the side of Kevin's helmet, and his boss let loose a string of curses. "Cover me. I'm going over to investigate."

"What about the flag?" Kevin's insides twisted and knotted. There was too much ground cover. They'd never find the gunman if he or she didn't wish to be found.

"Screw the flag, Herriman. Shit just got real, and I want to know who is trying to kill my best friend. I'll group text the team, ask for a pause." Without another word, he left the security of the pallets, his back straight and with the swagger that meant business.

"Crap." Kevin followed behind raining paintball vengeance down on the opposing team as his heart tried to beat its way out of his chest.

This can't be happening.

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