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Unbreakable Souls -- EPUB

  • Unbreakable Souls is about finding one’s “self” and strength in an unlikely way, and with unimaginable help from angels.
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Release Date:
December 11, 2014
Cover Artist:
Debbie Taylor

Product Description

Through this great journey called “life”, we will experience mountains and valley soul experiences. There are different seasons and reasons why life lessons come to and through us.

Unbreakable Souls gives a glimpse into one woman’s life. Her downfalls, her cyclical family trials that shaped her future and the pain she must heal to become who she is really meant to be.

Through earth shaking circumstances, Tabitha Reynolds is ushered into a world of experiences that reminds her of her strength. Through it all she builds on the strength of matriarchs from biblical times. And even though these women are centuries old, they are able to help Tabitha peel away all the layers of her life and unveil the beautiful woman inside.


There's something about being close to death that draws you to a moment of retrospect. A moment of reflection. It's a very odd feeling. As I lay here, half aware of my surroundings, I have an overwhelming urge to scream, "Help! Help!" Instead, the only thing I can do is lie here.

I hear people talking around me – I can feel people pushing and pulling on me. Yet, I'm paralyzed, frozen in time and can't make contact with anyone outside of myself. Slowly, I begin to drift away. Drifting into an overpowering sense of peace. Without missing a beat, my mind quickly recognizes a familiar dream.

It's a dream where I'm lost in a beautiful deserted forest. Even with all of its beauty, I want to get away. I run ferociously through the trees, dodging tree limbs and peeking my head around the massive trunks, trying to find an exit. Tearing past massive uprooted trees and stumbling over broken branches, I fight my way through and fall at the front steps of a red door at the edge of the forest.

I stare at the red door, trying to make sense of why it's here. Again, I attempt to scream. With every ounce of energy in my body, I push the air through my lungs, struggling to make even the slightest shriek. This is usually the part of my dream where I wake up drenched in a sea of sweat. Yet this time the red door creaks open revealing a discreetly dressed woman in a maple brown rocking chair. With her head draped in a laced material, her eyes faintly reveal a sensation of serenity. She looks to be in her mid-40s, with a milky smooth complexion, giving the impression of a perfect picture of health.

"Tabitha," she softly whispers as she shifts the lace from her head to her broad shoulders. "It's time for you to take a rest."

Oh no! Is this it? Is this how I die? For years, I contemplated what it would be like when I died. Would there be the bright white light everyone talks of, or would I just wake up at giant golden gates, waiting to see if my name made the guest list? But nowhere in my imaginations did a big red door with a woman in a rocking chair come into play.

"Um... I'm sorry. Is it over? Is my life over?" I ask as I begin to shiver.

"Not hardly honey. I just said that it's time for you to take a rest."

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  1. Inspired 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2015

    I found Unbreakable Souls inspiring and engaging. Once I started I couldn't put it down. This script is believable and pulls you right in.

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