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Trail of the Sandpiper by Tina Pinson

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and now has designs on the islands of the Pacific. Justine Whitcomb's encampment, the Wairopi Missionary Compound, sits in the crosshairs. The Japanese land on Papua New Guinea and the compound is attacked, leaving Justine to get herself and several children off the island. This sends her trekking through enemy lines, and into Tyler Merrick's path.

Tyler and his team have been sent by the U.S. to search for a spy known as the Sandpiper and a rogue that been using the Sandpiper's name and sending false messages. Wounded at Pearl Harbor and losing a brother there, Tyler nursed his anger with liquor, biding his time until he could get back into the war. Now the enemy is all around him and, while he should be in the fight, he finds himself saddled with women and children.

Even though she's done nothing to warrant his mistrust, Justine sees the chinks in his armor, and doesn't want or need a slightly tarnished white knight. She's capable and strong and that raises Tyler's ire. He wonders if Justine isn't the spy he was sent to find or the rogue. Justine questions why the navy has come so far inland and why Lt Merrick seems so angry with her. Can they trust one another to get off the island? Can they trust the Lord to lead them through danger to safety?

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Christian/Inspirational Historical Romance