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Tombstone Treasures Book Two: First Love -- EPUB

  • Josiah was Tara's first love, but he broke her heart. He returns to Tombstone and claims he's a changed man. Can they rediscover their love?
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Release Date:
October 1, 2010
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Josiah and Tara had enjoyed acting in their high school plays. They had also been each other's first lover. In fact, most of the time they'd spent together had been in Tara's bed. When Josiah became a Christian, he left Tara to go to college and didn't look back.

Four years later, Josiah is back in town when his father has a near-fatal heart attack. When they meet up again they realize how much their separation had hurt each of them. But now Tara is a Christian and is trying to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Josiah wants Tara back, but neither knows how to relate to each other without the physical intimacy they once shared. They are determined to do things right this time, but find it more challenging than they'd anticipated.


She hated to spell it out for him, but it seemed necessary to prevent him from getting the wrong idea. "You're here for a haircut. Don't expect more."

Raising his hands in mock surrender, Josiah chuckled, "Whoa, there. I didn't mean anything by it, I swear."

"Good." Grabbing the black cloth to drape over his shirt, she flipped it open and then pointed to the chair. He sat and she tied it around his neck, a stress headache creeping into her head. Irritation shredded her nerves. Rather than sitting, he peered at her with an incredulous look in his eyes.

"Come on," she winced and touched her forehead. "I don't have much time."

"Aren't you gonna..." Josiah pointed at his hair and nodded toward the sink.

"No." She snapped the cloth again. "Just sit."

"But, that's the best part." Ruffling his hair with both hands, he sighed. "All right, but my hair is sweaty and dusty. I think it'll be easier to cut if it's clean first. I'll even pay you extra."

Did he think he could buy her forgiveness?

But he did have a point. Taking in the faint cloud of dust forming beside his head as he ruffled his hair, Tara sighed. She rolled her eyes and pointed at the sink with her elbow. "All right, all right. Just hurry up. I need to get home."

Josiah crept in slow steps and glanced over his shoulder. Tempted to push him along, she refrained, deciding the less hands-on contact she had with him the better. Maybe that was what he wanted. To get her riled. Well, it was working.

The sooner she cut his hair and sent him on his way, the sooner she'd have time to think about what his return to town might mean. While tempted to quit the acting group to avoid seeing him, she refused to run away. Besides, playacting the part of a socialite at special events in town was the only fun hobby she allowed herself. She refused to give up her only link to acting.

No, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of quitting. She'd keep playing the part and enjoy every minute of it. No man would take the fun out of her life ever again. Not even someone as devastatingly handsome and as important to her as Josiah had once been.

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First Love book video trailer (01:20)
Tombstone Treasures book 2. This is the revised trailer that captures the heart of the story best.
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    Tombstone Treasures book 2. This is the revised trailer that c...

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Product Reviews

  1. Michelle Sutton does it again with First Love! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2013

    Just when I think Michelle Sutton couldn't possibly come up with a better story than the last one, she does it again! I absolutley love this story. Ms.Sutton is a pro at building romantic tension and this story is a prime example of just how well she does this.

    Her characters, Josiah and Tara, share an intimate past, but something has changed...they're both Christians when Josiah breezes back into town. Both vow that they'll live for God no matter what and as they strive to remain chaste, the sparks begin to fly!

    If you enjoy romance with a lot of tension, you'll love this story. I give it five stars!

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