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Timidaiski, Evelyn


My writing career started with a bang.

In ninth grade an arrogant young man told the class a woman could never be president. This shy little girl spoke up and said he was crazy and he could address her as Madam President when she won. The smart teacher grasped the teaching opportunity and we wrote campaign speeches. The class voted on the anonymous speeches. Can you guess who won?

That young man carried my books to the bus each day and addressed me as, 'Madam President.'

Next to talking, which I love to do, teaching has always been my love. I am a former Biology teacher, who loves anything alive—except snakes. I have two grown children who turned out great and continuously make me proud. I'm going to be a first time grandmother this month—Hoo-Rah. I can't wait to start spoiling the little one.

My two pups, Fancy, a Pomeranian and Bitsey, a Min-pin mix, are usually at my feet as I write.

Writing has given me the opportunity to tell the stories that keep popping up inside me. Whether it's Romantic Suspense, Mystery, or Science Fiction, I love to dive right in and explore the possibilities.

Holly and Snowflake Christmas is my first published book. It makes you laugh and cry. When the story ends, you sigh and wish there was more.

Happy Reading
Evelyn M. Timidaiski

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