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The Winning Hand -- EPUB

  •  Chadwick Hamilton wins another man's mail order bride in a poker game.  He also wins for himself a peck of trouble.
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Release Date:
January 21, 2016
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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Chadwick Hamilton decides to marry the mail-order-bride he wins in a poker game. He reasons that any female who is a graduate of Miss Lavenia Sitwell’s Atlanta School for Young Ladies must be docile, refined and well-bred. His reasoning is sound but his assumptions are slightly erroneous.

Miss Cherry Blossom is, by 1857 standards, a modern woman with strong beliefs and firm opinions. She is also a woman who is deeply in debt and in fear of being sent to debtor's prison, When her employer, Miss Lavenia Sitwell, offers her a way out of her dilemma, she promptly accepts.


Chad turned his head to one side. "Is Cherry Blossom really your name?"

What nerve. "Yes, it is. My father gave it to me. Mama wanted to call me Rose, but Papa thought that a trifle pretentious."

Chad smiled, revealing those devilish dimples. "I see that you have a sense of humor. I like that."

"I'm glad to know you approve." Obviously this man knew Cyrus Higgins. "I would appreciate it if you would tell me where I can find my bridegroom."

Chad's smile vanished as his voice moved from bantering to somber. "It would be much better for both of us if you came to my office."

Cherry took a deep breath. "I am not going anywhere with you." She stood. This time her crinoline behaved. The flounces on the hem of her dress fell in a wide circle around her feet. "Where is the sheriff's office? I wish to make inquiries into the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Higgins."

Chad's fingers played around the brim of his hat. "Miss Blossom, Cherry, Cyrus Higgins is no longer your bridegroom."

Cherry's voice fell to a whisper. "I beg your pardon?"

Chad lifted one hand. "That's what I came to explain."

After she'd come all this way, had Cyrus changed his mind? This was an eventuality Cherry never considered. "Please do."

Chad ran his thumb and forefinger across his chin. "Cyrus Higgins made the mistake of drawing to an inside straight."

Cherry was mystified. "I can't see the connection."

"It's simple, really. I held the winning hand. I had the good fortune to have a pair of tens and three aces." Chad cleared his throat. "To make a long story short, Cyrus lost you and I won you."

Cherry was outraged. She put her hands on her hips, and glared at him. "I'm not a piece of merchandise that Cyrus Higgins can bet in a poker game."

Chad lowered his voice. "This is not the place, but if you will sit down, I will try to explain."

Cherry very carefully sat back down. Under the circumstances, what else could she do?

Chad grimaced. "You are now my mail order bride. Perhaps we can go to my office and discuss this deal like two sensible adults."

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