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The Windsor Diaries by Stephanie Burkhart

When it comes to temptation none of the Windsors can resist. Born into Great Britain's royal family, Edmund and Alice have access and privilege others don't – especially to Professor Byron's time travel machine. While Edmund's intentions to give his ancestor, Prince Albert, a dirigible are sincere, history's not ready for such advanced technology. His cousin, Alice, goes back in time to foil his mischief, but ends up creating her own mayhem when she falls in love.

Love has a way of touching all the Windsors. Edmund falls for the Prime Minister's daughter, Keira, but she's her own free spirit. Keira's got a nasty habit of acting outside of traditional Victorian norms. When duty and desire clash, Edmund doesn't have an easy choice to make.

To ensure Ed does the right thing, his brother, Richard is dispatched to Victorian England. When he meets Lady Jocelyn Ridgecroft, Richard realizes sometimes the right choice isn't so obvious. Sophia, Richard's cousin, is also confronted with a difficult decision – fix the time line once and for all, or follow her heart and leave time a mess.

The Windsors are passionate, loyal, and full of mischief. Each face a choice: duty or love, but will noble intentions or honest hearts win in the end? 

Books in Series: 4

Genre: Steampunk Time Travel Romance