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The Trouble Trilogy by Lee Roberts

Candi Rios is a magnet for trouble. She tries to practice the ancient Santeria spells her grandmother taught her, but the results are still very unpredictable. Now her life is a continuous rollercoaster of excitement and danger, a fast-paced whirlwind of comedy, mystery, and romance.

She finishes college and starts her new career as a professional accountant. The future looks bright, but it isn't easy to find a good job. Candi always finds an opportunity somewhere, but then she inevitably finds herself surrounded by a tangled web of lies and deceit involving some very dangerous people. Drug smuggling, embezzlement, greed, and revenge all provide good excuses for murder and mayhem, while even more secrets lurk in the shadows.

As she works to sort out the confusing clues, Candi meets a mysterious stranger who is investigating from a different angle. Rico Altamar is handsome and charming, but underneath there is a hard edge and a darker history. She struggles to maintain a normal life with normal relationships. Unfortunately, most of the people she knows are far from normal. Others cross her path and complicate things even more, including a street-wise detective, a coven of wannabe vampires, a corrupt televangelist, some friendly exotic dancers, a psychotic baseball player, an old Native American shaman, undercover government agents, and the ubiquitous duck of destiny.

Candi and Rico must join forces and persevere to follow the money and put the pieces together. It is always an adventure to find the treasure, unmask the killer, and put the spirit world back in balance while finding true love along the way.

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Amateur Sleuth

Books in Series: 3