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The Tour Director Extraordinaire Book Two: All For a Fistful of Ashes -- EPUB

  • Travel through Italy with tour director, Harriet Ruby, and handsome spy, Will Talbot, pursuing a lost grave, an assassin, and a healing and once-in-a-lifetime love.
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Release Date:
July 1, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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I’m Harriet Ruby: Tour Director Extraordinaire. At least, I thought I was worthy of that title.

My first mistake: Agreeing to conduct a private tour of Italy. Fourteen Italian-Americans from New Jersey? All family, for three weeks, with four teenagers? What was I thinking? Fate responds to my engraved invitation by placing one of the family under surveillance as a suspect in an assassination plot, and who is assigned to the case? None other than my favorite drop-dead-gorgeous spy, Will Talbot.

My second mistake: Allowing Will to coax an invitation from the family matriarch to join the tour.

And that was just the beginning. The matriarch, searching for the unknown location of her mother's grave so she can bury her brother’s cremated ashes (which have been smuggled into Italy wrapped in Cuban cigars), and her quirky family members sweep through Italy leaving chaos, hilarity, and danger in their wake.


Still standing inside the terminal with one hand on the door, I prepared to push it open, when an intense shiver skittered up and down my spine. I tingled all over and heat zinged to every to every erogenous zone, a sure sign of Will Talbot's presence in the airline terminal.

I hadn't seen him, but I didn't have to. When we're in the same space, he and I exchange a flow of energy, and my body's reactions said it all. We had a way of speaking to each other without talking.

Will was my … well, he's … hmm. Now, here's the thing. Will Talbot and I had this incredible, overwhelming physical attraction and a no-strings agreement to get to know each other better and see if the rest of our relationship could catch up with our lust.

Since he lived in Spain and I resided in Rome, we only got together every two or three weeks. We hadn't progressed much beyond the lust stage of "getting to know you," but there seemed to be a lot of other stuff going on between us, which neither of us had figured out yet.

Excited, I opened the door and stuck my head out. "I'll be there in a few minutes, Mario," I yelled, my voice tinged with anticipation, trying to keep an eye on the terminal at the same time. "Please, get everyone on board. Thanks."

He cocked an eyebrow and grinned. Mario knew about Will and me and, like I said, nothing surprised him.

Stepping back inside and away from the entrance, I closed my eyes and waited. I sensed Will's approach and the closer he got, the more my girly parts tingled with anticipation.

Wow! As drop-dead gorgeous as ever. Tall, trim and well-muscled, dark hair in a military-cut-gone-spiky with a touch of gray around the ears. Ex-military, Special Forces. So hot he could melt butter at the South Pole in the dead of winter.

He held me at arm's length, not letting me close the distance between us and slobber on him. He was on the job being a spy. No, I mean it. He's really a spy. Officially, his title is Europol Special Agent, but the things he does -- the ones I know about, anyway -- have international spy written all over them.

Will looked at me and shook his head with resignation. "I might have known this is your group." He rolled his brilliant blue eyes upward. "Give me strength."

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