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The Telomere Trilogy Book Two: Echoes of Regret -- EPUB

  • Secrets eat at the possibility of love as two double agents struggle to keep oaths and save the world alongside the immortal captain.
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Release Date:
April 15, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Fredrica Casales is relieved her participation as an undercover agent is over and strives to rebuild the trust she's lost with Captain Noah Bonney.

Unfortunately, now Merchant vessels Daring Star and Lady Victory must rescue a scientist before the very stability of the Galaxy unravels.If that wasn't enough, Fredrica must work with her former Imperial contact, Jace McCree.

As for Jace, he tries to keep a promise he made long ago, but as his sister grows sicker he's conflicted as to what decision he needs to make, and what to reveal.

As they cross the Galaxy, battle rogue Watchers, and fight soul-sucking space creatures, both Fredrica and Jace must come to terms with their regrets and decide whether to open their hearts.

But fate has its own timeline, and not always at the convenient moment.


"What is this?" Freddy tried zooming in the frozen image.

The more she did, the blurrier it got. She blew a lock of hair off her face and turned to where Jace stood beside and slightly behind her. He bent in, over her shoulder and shrugged. She caught a scent of him, fresh soap and peppermint from the candy he had in his mouth. At the moment, his gray eyes were almost a metallic. Crow's feet crinkled with his furrowed brows and curled lip.

"It's the best I could get." He leaned closer and reviewed the image hovering in 4D above her access pad. He reached his arm out to adjust the image again, only to make it more distorted. His chest and upper arm brushed against her back and arm. "At least we got a clear image of the attackers."

Their position exposed his handsome profile. His jaw line already held a hint of scruff and this close, his warmth pressed against her. She wanted to lightly kiss his cheek and run a hand along its rough surface. Whoa, girl. Freddy hesitated, giving herself time to focus on the mission again.

She hoped she hadn't missed any of the discussion. "Yeah, but we need to know who this other group is. They fell into the category of ally in these fights, but who knows about the next one." She pressed the refragmant to see if it would help clear up the image, then cursed when it didn't. "I don't understand. There were several seconds where the two slowed down. At least enough for a clear shot."

"Someone must've tampered with it, because I couldn't find them in the system." They shared an expression. He spoke what they were both thinking. "I'm thinking inside job. Come on, let's prep debrief before the others arrive."

"Sounds good. Lead the way, Guardian." She grabbed the corner of the image and dragged it into the file then slipped the access pad into her shirt pocket.

Jace chuckled. "Guardian, huh? Remember, just Jace. Now that we're working in the open?"

"Okay, Just Jace."

This time Jace laughed out loud. She enjoyed the way his eyes twinkled and lightened to a light gray, like one of those puffy rain clouds. Galvin turned the corner and Jace's laugh cut short, quick. Freddy braced for the conversation between the two men. Instead, Galvin focused on her.

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