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The Sixth Key -- EPUB

  • Magic is fading on Sacral. To save the planet Riley must choose between two men. Pick the wrong one and Sacral will die.
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Release Date:
July 21, 2012
Cover Artist:
J.L. Fuller

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Kidnapped, taken to another planet - how much worse can Riley's life get?

The kidnapper is her boyfriend Jothur and Sacral is his home planet. The castle are psychic, mainly telepaths, and they are at odds with the Mutes in the forest. The psychics wish to discover how Riley blocks her thoughts as this will help them completely eradicate the Mutes who are a mixture of free telepaths and non-telepaths.

Riley seeks help from the Mutes and she meets Tynan, their leader. She hopes he will help her escape the tests the telepaths want to make to discover her ability to block. Instead she discovers the magic of Sacral is dying due to an imposter being on the throne.

Riley and Tynan work together to discover the real king and place him on the throne. Part of the plan relies on Riley returning to the castle to delve for more information. Will she survive or will her mind be torn apart by the tests?


The Jothur she'd known and loved on Earth had behaved toward her in a gentlemanly way. He'd opened doors for her, held a chair out for her in restaurants. He'd always taken care of her, and this behavior had been part of her love for him. Now the discovery he'd been living a lie all the time she'd known him had shaken her trust in him. Had he told her the real truth this evening, or could he still be lying to her? He hadn't even admitted his true title. Prince Jothur. Did this mean King Hurat was his father, or could Jothur be one of the lesser princes? All these questions and lack of answers kept her awake far longer than she'd anticipated. Eventually Riley dropped off to sleep. At first her dreams reminded her of a fairy tale. She floated around the room in Jothur's arms looking up adoringly at her handsome prince. Suddenly the castle disappeared. The walls around her resembled a wooden hut and several other women were with her. The door opened and a blast of cold air heralded the arrival of a group of men. Jothur came toward her, his clothes no longer the sophisticated garments he'd worn today. Instead he wore leggings and tunic of leather, similar to the ones worn by Zlora.

Riley looked up at her beloved. He was different. The pleasant demeanor he'd presented to the court had changed to a grim look of determination. His hair had turned dark instead of blond. He reached out a strong sunburned hand and Riley shrank away. Although this version of Jothur stirred an inner excitement she hadn't experienced with the one in the castle; he also sent a shiver of fear through her.

She woke in a cold sweat and pulled the covers up to her chin. Going over her dream she tried to work out the meaning before it faded from her memory. Why had Jothur been so different? The man she'd known on Earth had been the same as any other man, except for gorgeousness and sexiness. The Jothur she'd been with in the hall tonight could have been the man she'd fallen in love with, but his attitude had changed completely. For one thing, he treated her with an insulting condescension. Was it because memory seldom followed reality? On the other hand, the Jothur of her dream had been a darker, but infinitely more attractive copy. The very thought of being near him frightened her and excited her at the same time.

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