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The Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta Book Three: Eros -- EPUB

  • Jensen is a driven career woman who fell in love with a twice-divorced farmer and works on a digital soap opera set in Kentucky.
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Release Date:
June 1, 2017
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Jensen Taylor is disciplined. She worked two jobs during college at the University of Kentucky to save for her big move to New York City. She moved to NYC the day after graduation. After completing her MFA in filmmaking at NYU, she landed a coveted internship with ABC Daytime that led to a full-time job and winning an Emmy. Jensen puts her head down and works hard until she reaches her goals. Except when it comes to love.

Relationships just don't work out for her.

Beau Montgomery has a lot of regrets. He had big dreams and gave those up for a woman. That was his first mistake. Regardless, he made a life for himself, a good life a man can be proud of, but he always wondered, what if? What if he'd followed those dreams after high school? What if he hadn't married his high school sweetheart? What if he'd never met Jensen Taylor?

Relationships just don't work out for him.

When Jensen moves back to Kentucky to film a new digital TV show, her path crosses with Beau Montgomery again. Thank goodness she looked cute because he was ever bit sin and temptation stuffed into perfectly fitting Levi's and a sexy, rugged goatee that reminded her too much of the summer they spent together five years ago. Right before he broke her heart by marrying another woman.

Jensen can't forget what Beau did, and Beau can't forget Jensen.


"Jensen, don't come home."

She stopped at the top of the stairs. "Why not? Are you going out of town?"

He sighed. "There's no easy way to say this. I need to end things."

Jensen didn't hear him right. She leaned her back against the wall before taking the first step down the stairs. "You need to end what?"

His voice remained calm. "Us."

Jensen slid down the wall until she sat on the floor. "What?"

"Darlin', I care for you and this summer with you was, well, it was amazing, but we can't keep on."

Jensen propped her head up with a hand on her forehead. Her stomach churned, she felt dizzy. "What?"

"We can't keep seeing each other."

Jensen couldn't control the tears and sobs that rose and spilled over. "Why not? Don't be a coward. If there's a reason you're breaking up with me, I wanna know why."

"It just won't work. You're there; I'm here."

"So? I rearranged my entire life to come home this weekend. How are things not going to work?"

"I don't want you rearranging things to come home. Stay at school. Focus."

"Focus? What changed in the past week?"

Jensen couldn't breathe. It felt like someone had kicked her in the stomach.

"This is what's best for you."

She stood up, her legs feeling like tender spaghetti. "We need to talk about this face to face. I'm coming home and we need to talk--"

"I'm getting married."

Jensen froze then fell to her knees. Tears flowed like there was no shore to stop the ocean colliding with continents. "What? I don't understand. You're getting married? To whom?"

He sighed. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I just want what's best for you."

She couldn't get words out. She felt like Annette in "Cruel Intentions." He'd charmed her, and she'd been charmed.

"Jensen," he said, his voice strained. "I--"

Jensen could barely see through her blurry eyes, but she ended the call. She sat there at the top of the stairs, convulsing from the inside out. It was a blessing none of her sisters were home, and if they were, they didn't hear her balled up like a baby. She crawled to her room, dragging her bag with her. She reached up for the doorknob and turned it. She flung her bag inside and made her way to her bed.

What just happened?

Was she asleep, just having a bad dream?

Her cell phone was still clenched in her hand. She glanced at it then touched the home button. She went to her recent calls. Outgoing, Beau Montgomery. That call had happened.

And he didn't try calling back.

It wasn't a bad dream.

He broke up with her.

He said he was getting married.

But not to her. He wanted to marry another woman.

He was going to marry another woman.

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