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The Sisters of Gamma Omicron Delta Book One: Philia -- EPUB

  • Philia features a Type A control freak sorority alum battling endometriosis who transforms an underperforming marching band while falling in love with her BFF.
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Release Date:
June 11, 2016
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Emily Hardin is a control freak.

But there are some things a woman can’t control. Like flat tires. PMS. Underperforming marching bands. And falling in love.

Emily has endometriosis, and it’s turning her overachieving world upside down. She wants to get married and have kids more than anything, but no man will ever want her because of her unfortunate, outwardly invisible health issue.

But, a man does want her.

Brad Bennett’s been in love with Emily since their freshmen year of high school. However, she never knew that. He was always too shy and got called the f-word a lot:  friend.

Two old friends reconnect but find themselves in a hot mess of temptation and sin. Can Emily control the potential loss of Brad’s friendship while battling endometriosis and holding it together for the sake of her career and sorority sisters?


Having chronic pain alienated her from the world, ostracized her from everyone. She didn't know anyone experiencing a recurring nightmare, and although her family and sisters knew about her "situation," they just didn't get it. No one did. Not even Courtney and Jensen. While they all tried to understand, they just could never comprehend. Brad didn't know either, and that's how she wanted it to stay. She just wanted one part of her life to be simple, and with him, it might be.

She'd been so excited after running into Brad, hoping their friendship would go back to the way it was in high school, when life was uncomplicated and full of fun and no pain. Now it never crossed her mind how cool it would be to go ice-skating or to eat at O'Charley's after an RHS basketball game. No. Now she thought about how nice it felt just to have someone to laugh with. Someone who just liked being with her, and not because he wanted sex. A guy who actually just wanted to hold her hand.

Normally Emily dreaded the subject of sex when it came to dating someone new. Guys expected it by at least the third date nowadays. She knew Brad wouldn't push her. Even though she had feelings for him, they had a history of friendship. They'd shared a locker for four years. He gave her a ride home after school until she got her license. He'd grown up to be a successful, confident man. The one she trusted.

The one who didn't run away when she told him she wanted babies.

She'd actually thought a lot about sex over the past year. Not so much because of hormones. Her last doctor had asked if she ever experienced pain during sex. He looked like Elvis had come back from the dead when she told him she wasn't sexually active. She had to explain Christians weren't prudes; they just tried to honor God by abstaining before marriage. The doctor then explained women with her "problem" sometimes experienced pain during sex due to scar tissue. Ever since then, she'd been curious. Would something supposedly pleasurable be just the opposite for her? What if she didn't find out till she got married? Then her husband resented her for it. If that was the case, Emily couldn't handle another disappointment. She was already upset with God over being punished with chronic pain.

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