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The Silver Locket Sisterhood by Laurel Hawkes

God never promised life would be easy. He did promise He would never abandon His own. In Malachi 3:7, God describes how His children are placed in the refiner's fire to burn away the impurities. He never looks away and only leaves us in the fire until He is able to see His reflection in us. Surviving abuse requires courage. Choosing to thrive requires change, commitment, perseverance, and a determination to say, "I never gave up."

Five women search the world to find release from the chains binding them to their past, struggling to recognize the difference between their own way and God's way. The temptation to fight alone is exactly that: Temptation. God never intended anyone to go through life alone. In fact, God encourages group projects.

Even as trouble endeavors to set up house, the women and the men who pursue them must embrace faith and trust in God, leaving familiarity behind, and welcoming the love prepared for them. Despite bumbling attempts to hide from hurts and fears, guidance in the ultimate adventure awaits the imperfect souls who place their trust in God. Choosing perfect serenity and safety over love and trust may spare dips into the valleys, but the awe-inspiring views from the peaks are also forfiet. God provides the precious gift of choice and inspiration, one need only risk the prerequist leap of faith.

Books in series: 5

Genre: Christian vintage historical romance