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The Silver Locket Sisterhood Book Two: Mark's Grace -- EPUB

  • The curator of a photographic art museum falls for the prickly manager, but if he knew the truth would he end the friendship she treasures?
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Release Date:
May 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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1983, California

Grace Williams loves her new job as the manager of Blink in Time, the art gallery Angelinos are raving about. Burying herself in work means she doesn't need to face the past.

Mark Callaghan, the gallery's curator, fell for Grace the first time he met her. Pursuing her is his other full-time job, but so far the relationship produces friendship, not love.

An old flame hunts Grace down. Mark fears his own affection for her may be too little too late.

Will Mark's patience and life-changes win Grace at last, or will her past destroy whatever future they might have shared?


"Grace!" Mark burst into the showroom, his face alight.

She wrenched herself back to the present, blanked the memories, and turned her full attention to Mark.

"I found the perfect place, a duplex. It's a two-story, single dwelling home. Well, it used to be a single dwelling. Now, it's divided into an upstairs and a downstairs apartment. We'll be able to move in before Christmas."

Her heart shredded into a million pieces. Mark Callaghan's words implied a nonexistent closeness. How she wished she could go back and change everything, but she couldn't. Even if she succeeded, it would mean she never would have met him anyway, because her brother would never have created an award-winning triptych for her. She pushed the past away, and gave her attention to the man grinning in her. Essie's directive to question Mark floated into her head, and she pushed it right out again.

She didn't have the right.

Luxurious dark hair, cut short around his ears and long in the back, brushed back from his chiseled face. One lock curled on his forehead, which always made her itch to slide her fingers through it and mess it up a bit. Dark straight brows and long lashes emphasized his hazel eyes.

His straight nose drew her perusal to his well-formed masculine lips. Her mind pictured the rest of him without difficulty. His athletic build filled his black suit to perfection. His boyish grin, belying his thirty-four years, always made her heart flip, her stomach fill with butterflies, and her mind cease all rational thought.

It would embarrass him if he knew how often she daydreamed about him falling in love with her. It embarrassed her. More than his good looks, he possessed the rare gift of making whoever he was with believe no one and nothing else was more important than they were.

She tucked the fantasy away. She wasn't in his league. She wasn't even in the same universe.

"You'll love it," he enthused.

The combination of his smile, bracketed by deep masculine grooves instead of dimples, and bright eyes sparked sensations in her she shouldn't feel.

"There's a wide, terra cotta tile stairway outside for the upstairs apartment," he continued with barely a breath. "An additional inside stairway connects the two kitchens, but two locked doors keep them separate -- one at the top and one at the bottom. I was thinking you'd take the upstairs, since it has a balcony. I know you love balconies. Besides, I'm gone so much, you might as well enjoy it. Better, you'll be close enough to keep an eye on my place, bring in my mail, use my truck. What do you think?"

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