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The Silver Locket Sisterhood Book Three: Saving Lisa -- EPUB

  • In 1985, Thailand offers new opportunities for Eric, who believes he has lost everything, and Lisa, who believes she has nothing to lose. They're both wrong.
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Release Date:
December 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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Everything Eric Hudson owned burned to the ground. Over a year later, in the late spring of 1985, it's time to gather what few threads remain and see what he can salvage. A job in Thailand offers a fresh start. A relationship is one complication he does not need especially with a woman who believes God solves everything...

A new job is the answer to Lisa Montgomery's prayer. Relationships are out. Travel is the only adventure she wants. The main impediment to her hopes and dreams is fear. In her efforts to conquer it, she embarks on a dangerous journey and discovers a world she didn't know existed, human trafficking. Nothing stands between her and slavery. Faith isn't only about trusting God but trusting self...

The difference between running away and running to is the difference between fear and faith.


In the Seattle airport, the gorgeous guy walked ahead of her. It didn't strike her as odd until he stopped at her gate. She stood behind him at the check-in counter. He glanced back at her, his focus encompassing her.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and spread through her veins.

"Where're you headed?" he asked, the rich baritone reminding her of hot fudge over cold ice cream.

"Thailand," she managed to articulate without stuttering.

"We're going the same direction." He smiled, his dimple winking at her.

"Do you always talk to complete strangers?" Could she possibly sound any more off-putting?

"Actually, yes, I do," he chuckled. "Long-standing habit."

He accepted her challenge and lobbed it back. All she could do was stare at him and pray her mouth wasn't hanging open.

"I've done a lot of traveling," he continued. "The people are half the fun. I'm Eric. Eric Hudson."

"Lisa. Lisa Montgomery. I've never traveled anywhere alone in my life, until today." She slapped her hand over her mouth. "Blabbing everything is one of my faults," she mumbled through her fingers.

"You haven't said too much," he assured, "yet -- I promise not to take advantage."

She inspected him from head to foot and back again. Who was he? What was his interest in her? She was nobody but a socially awkward misfit. An acceptable description she used to describe herself rather than the less flattering terms her family used.

"I'm supposed to trust you?" she blurted.

"Tickets?" the check-in agent asked, sparing them a glance.

"Could we be seated together?" Eric handed over his ticket.

"You're not traveling together?" the man asked.

"We are, if you're agreeable." Eric arched an eyebrow at her and glanced back at the agent. "Todd," he read the nametag, "she should be safe with me on the flight, shouldn't she?"

The agent glanced between them and directed his attention to her.

"Is he bothering you?"

Was he? Did she mind? Did it matter? Her internal danger radar remained silent. She couldn't always depend on her senses, not after the way her family trained her to ignore warning signals.

She reminded herself part of therapy included engaging a healthy sense of measuring the level of danger around her. Lessons involved desensitizing her hyper-vigilance and sharpening her awareness of safe options. Maybe now would be a good opportunity to test what she'd learned.

"I'll answer any questions you want to ask," Eric pleaded his case. "This is my third trip to Thailand."

Plead was probably too strong a word. She met Todd's steady gaze, and he gave her an encouraging smile.

"I can arrange for him to miss this flight and take a later one," he offered. "If you'd like."

"No." She struggled not to sputter, wanting to vaporize on the spot.

"Hey!" Eric complained, but his eyes twinkled. "It's a long flight, and rumor has it I'm a passable traveling companion."

"What if I'm not?" she dared to ask.

"I'll take my chances."

"You always have the option of asking the flight attendant to move you or him to a different seat if he becomes intolerable," Todd offered obligingly.

"No help from the peanut gallery," Eric grumbled.

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