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The Silver Locket Sisterhood Book Four: Finding Home -- EPUB

  • In 1986, England, an American woman, her trust in God shaken, searches for new dreams, never anticipating the challenge of a faithful British gentleman.
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Release Date:
JULY 21, 2014
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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American Becki Bagley's dreams are within her grasp only to be shattered along with her faith. God promised to give those who are faithful the desires of their heart. Why does He deny her? Where did she go wrong? Perhaps she failed to be good enough.

Ian Morgan, British self-made businessman, is settled in his life. He's already raised a family, his younger sister. Another family holds no interest for him, although his pretty American neighbor tempts him to reconsider.

Sometimes home isn't a place but a feel when the right person is near, and sometimes finding the right person requires leaving everything familiar behind and exercising new faith and trust...


He held her gaze and tightened his hold on her hand, ever so slightly. Her heart fluttered, and her breath hitched. Did the same sensation affect him?
With her luck, not likely.

This couldn't be happening, not to her. She couldn't be interested in him. Her body had betrayed her on more than one occasion, responding to unacceptable men, men who would never qualify as candidates for a healthy relationship. What was wrong with her?

Maybe this was why God forced her to be alone? He knew how badly things would turn out. Everything in her past pointed to a single life. Maybe God was cruel to be kind.
Perhaps her resolve was being tested. She wouldn't fail. Not this time. Becki attempted to withdraw her hand, but Ian held firm.

"Are you here to take Becki sightseeing?" No one could miss Franny's hopefulness.

Becky tugged on her hand, but Ian refused to release her. His smile broadened. Her panic deepened. Embarrassment cloaked her, anger hard on its heels. She'd promised herself no man would be allowed to affect her as Ted had. More especially, none would fluster, humiliate, or embarrass her ever again.

God made it plain she was meant to be alone, and she'd come to terms with it. She'd pass this test, with flying colors. Despite another unobtrusive tug, Ian continued to hold her hand.

"Not to worry, Auntie Franny. I'm fine on my own." It was all Becki could do to remain civil. She reminded herself she couldn't punch one of her aunt's friends, no matter how much she itched to do so or how much he deserved it.

"You don't want a ride somewhere?" Ian arched an eyebrow. "It would be ever so much easier on you."

Was there the slightest sneer in his voice?

"I'm quite capable of using public transportation. Thank you."

His breath-stealing blue eyes widened. Surprise? She extracted her hand from his slackened grip.

"You truly intend to take public transport?"

The incredulous edge in his tone needled a sore spot deep inside. Exactly what she didn't need, another person who didn't believe in her ability to take care of herself. Why did everyone think her inept?
Her anger spiked, and she battled it down. Unreasonable fury belonged to her past. It held no place in the future she wanted for herself. London was supposed to be a new start. Within moments of meeting the illustrious Ian, he had dragged her into the past she'd vowed to leave behind.

Franny's words the first day rang in her head. This was the lovely young man who'd bailed the first day. If she never saw him again, it would be too soon.

"Why don't you go along, Ian?" Franny smiled, all benevolence.

"No need to interrupt your day," Becki assured to keep from swearing or at least saying something she'd regret once it left her mouth. God hated her. No doubt about it. "I'm not doing anything particularly special or interesting."

"I could come along to ensure you don't become lost."

"Not necessary." Arrogant man. "I've an excellent sense of direction. In fact, my friends called me 'the finder.' No matter what city we'd land in, I was appointed navigator to make sure we arrived where we intended."

"You travel a great deal, do you?"

Was it his accent that made him sound condescending? Peter and Franny's didn't.

Maybe the electricity she sensed was irritation.

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