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The Rogue's Revenge -- EPUB

  • A gambler in 1875 San Francisco seeks revenge with the help of a preacher’s daughter who balks when the gambler seeks to kill the murderer.

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Release Date:
April 21, 2015
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

Product Description


Adam Maguire sets himself up as a gambler in 1875 San Francisco as a means to find the robbers who killed his family and dole out his own form of justice.

He rescues Celestine Miller, a preacher’s daughter, in the Barbary Coast and starts a double life as a financier at the preacher’s chapel and a gambler seeking revenge for past wrongs.

Can Celestine and Adam forge a life together when she wants love and he wants retribution?


November 1, 1873, San Francisco

Adam Maguire hunched into his coat as he slogged through the mud to the boarding house. Bells rang from some church. He frowned, wondering why they rang on Saturday in a city where there was more interest in sin than salvation.

All Saints Day!

What a perfect time to start life as a gambler in San Francisco.

He climbed the three creaky steps to the porch of a three-story house with peeling paint. A couple of boards were missing from the white porch railing, but the peaked roof looked solid. He set down his valise, removed his broad brimmed hat, shook off the water, and replaced it. He stamped his boots on the ragged doormat then rapped on the door.

A woman about the age his ma had been when those bastards killed her opened the door. Instead of Ma's red hair this woman's was black as ink, too black for a woman her age, and wound up in a high bun on top of her head. Her flat brown eyes gave him the once over. "You here about the room?"

He gave her a half bow, enough to indicate he knew he was speaking to a lady, but not so deep that she'd think he was trying to bamboozle her. Though he was. "Do I have the pleasure of addressing Mrs. Pinkersby?"

She gave him a tight smile, but still a smile. "That'd be me."

"I'm glad to make your acquaintance." He wished like hell she'd invite him in from the damp cold. "I've been told that your establishment is the best place for a newcomer to the city who needs an economical, but good, place to stay."

Her smile widened. "That's true. What's your line of work?"

Now there was a potato as hot as any he'd cooked in a campfire. "Ma'am, I'm actually looking for a job. I've saved up a st--" Oops, better not say stake or she'd know right away where he was headed. "--a stipend from the mines and a ranch I worked on in Nevada to keep me going until I find a steady job."

"Decided to leave home for the big city, did you? What did your mama think of that?"

Damn. Did he still look like a kid? He let his mouth turn down under his mustache, not that it didn't do that of its own accord when he thought of Ma and Johnny. "My ma passed a few years ago."

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