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The Ring -- EPUB

  • One arrogant doctor from the past, one strong-willed doctor from the future. Both are convinced they know best. Both plan to prove they are right.
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Release Date:
April 1, 2013
Cover Artist:
Debbie Taylor

Product Description

Doctor Jessica Madison lives in the year 2011 and mourns Jacob, her godfather and the man who raised her. After his death, she discovers why his attitude about bringing up a child belongs in the nineteenth century. In his will, he leaves her a gold and ruby ring capable of taking her through time. Knowing her curiosity, he warns her not to disrupt history. No way can she ignore the chance to see life in 1898?

Doctor Alexander Eliot is head surgeon at Boston City Hospital in 1898. Alexander believes most women are devious. He is engrossed in fighting for innovated ideas for improving his hospital. He yearns to find a woman whom he can trust, one who understands and accepts his idiosyncratic personality––his angel by day and a tigress by night. He promises himself he'll find his perfect woman.

When Jessica and Alexander meet, their attraction is explosive and their words collide. Can he give up the past and forge ahead into the future, or will their love be lost in time.


"Who are you? Where did you come from?" the deep, angry voice demanded from the doorway. "Aunt Abigail, you should not be entertaining at night. You need your rest."

Jessica whirled, almost falling off the edge of the bed. She brushed away a lock of hair from across her cheek and fixed her gaze on the now familiar face. The same handsome face, the one here in the past that had set her heart to pounding and interrupted her sleep in the future.

Right now, his eyes matched the color of beach plums, a deep purplish-black. He stared at her unblinking, disbelief evident upon his features.

Jacob's right. My curiosity is my downfall. I'm digging a bigger hole with every moment I stay here.

"I asked who the devil are you, and I am waiting for your answer."

"D-Doctor Madison..." she stammered.

"The truth," he snapped and planted his fists on his hips. His robe gaped opened, exposing a wide muscular chest with whorls of dark hair. "Who are you and how did you get here?"

"Alexander David Eliot," Abigail scolded. "Where are your manners?"

He paused near the foot of the bed, his black hair mussed from sleep. A little over six feet tall, he hovered, a menacing figure in his long maroon silk robe and matching leather slippers. Jessica remembered the first time she'd seen him. The ample width of his shoulders and the hard lines of his body were natural and owed nothing to padding or his tailor. Raw sexuality flowed from him.

She couldn't help glancing past his stormy features, his intriguing chest, down the one bare thigh peeking through the edges of his robe. A delicious shiver set her heart racing. It appeared this Victorian man slept in the nude. She jerked her gaze back up to his and gulped, not sure, if her reaction was caused by shock or awe. For the first time, she experienced a strong feeling of vibrancy, of sensual perception.

One dark brow arched, a slight flush had risen on his cheeks making his eyes grow darker. She'd swear sparks shot out between them. His expression told her he didn't appreciate her examination. On the other hand, she mused, maybe he hadn't expected her blatant stare. For certain, it wouldn't be something he encountered from the women in his day and age.


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Product Reviews

  1. A page turner! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2013

    *My rating is a 4.5 Stars*

    DiBona proves loves conquers all, even time, in "The Ring." Jessica Madison lives in the present as a successful doctor. She has it all, prestige, money, and a skillful reputation. Alexander Elliot lives 100 years in the past. He's also a successful doctor. Can he find happiness after his fiancée shattered his ideas of love?

    The novel opens with Jessica inheriting a ruby ring from her guardian, Jacob. This ring is different. It allows the wearer to travel through time. When Jessica discovers its properties, she's skeptical, but a trip to the past changes her mind. There she meets Dr. Alexander Elliot and the sparks fly. Alexander and Jessica have a hard time fighting their attraction, but they must, since they fear time will keep them apart – time or perhaps stubborn pride. Can they overcome the obstacles the ring presents?

    DiBona's writing style is very fluid, immediately drawing the reader into Jessica's world. The pacing is just right, slowing down to allow the reader to catch their breath before accelerating again.

    The best part of the story was the characters. DiBona presents a strong heroine who has a big heart. Her hero embodies noble bearing. In fact, it may be his stubborn pride and not time that proves his downfall. The supporting cast is a gem and each of them – Mary, Bobbi, and Aunt Abigail shine.

    There were minor punctuation and grammatical errors throughout which I felt a stronger edit might have caught, but it did not take away from my enjoyment of the story.

    The novel is mainstream for romance readers with several sensual love scenes. "The Ring" is a story that will have you turning the pages to see what happens next. I highly recommend it.

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