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The Long Shot -- EPUB

  • Simone Parker witnesses a near-fatal bashing. How can she help police officer Mitchell Ross if her own sister might somehow be involved in the crime?
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Release Date:
September 1, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description

After a six-year estrangement from her troubled family, Simone Parker returns home to the small Australian town of Brownbeck to attend a funeral. She hopes to reconcile with her younger sister, Claire. Their father, now dead, was a violent and abusive drunk yet Claire always pretended otherwise, which is one of the reasons why Simone cut all ties.

When Simone is the only witness to a brutal and near-fatal bashing, she discovers that Brownbeck harbours a criminal gang trafficking in illegal firearms. At the funeral, she recognises Claire’s new partner as one of the assailants.

How can she help police officer Mitchell Ross in his investigation if her own sister might somehow be involved? To complicate matters, Simone is falling for Mitchell.


They got into the car. Mitchell fitted the key in the ignition, rested his other hand on the gearshift. His hand was big and veined, strong, the kind that looked capable of difficult, physical work. She wanted to touch it. With just the lightest brush of her fingertips, she would trace the bones and sinews, explore the knuckles, circle the giant wrist...

The sudden bellow of the V8 engine startled her.

Mitchell said, "You okay?"

"Yes, perfectly, thank you. It's just been a very long, very weird day." She blinked, took a sharp breath through her nose, and clipped her seatbelt. Relax, she thought. I'm in control of this entire situation. She said, "Does the Brownbeck Hotel still have billiard tables?"

"No it's pokies now, but they're in the back. The dining hall is the same."

"And the stuffed deer head?"

Mitchell said, "On the same wall, as one-antlered as ever." He reversed the car, put it into drive, and braked. "So that's yes for dinner?"

Simone nodded. It had been months since she'd gone out with a man. Her last relationship had petered out after less than a fortnight. Martin, the bank clerk, with his neat hair, impeccable manners and penchant for tooth-flossing after every meal, had bored her. Then again, every man she'd ever dated had bored her. Andrew the teacher, Paul the courier, that electrician whose name she couldn't remember, each one placid in his own way, all of them dull, nervous, thin, the only type she'd ever considered dating. The antithesis of her father. You didn't need to be a psychiatrist to identify that pattern.

A date with a man like Mitchell was exactly what she needed.

In high school, he'd been good natured and fun to be around. She liked the way he didn't defer to her like Martin, Andrew, Paul and what's-his-name. The sheer size of him appealed very much, and that steady, confident gaze...

Mitchell steered the car onto the road. This time he drove with one arm propped on the window frame, the other draped at the wrist over the steering wheel. She tried to steal a glance at his profile, but he caught her at it, and winked.

"Simmy the Snob," he said. "Wasn't that what everyone called you?"

Yes, and she'd hated it. "I'm sorry, I don't remember," she said. "I had lots of different nicknames in high school."

"You used to read all the time and use big words. You still read?"

"Every night in bed."

He gave her a sly glance. "Shame you have nothing better to do."


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