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The Lady's a Rebel -- EPUB

  • Become a prostitute, a Confederate spy, or a Yankee bride to the man she hates. Her choices are slim. Vicksburg Darling Anneliese Tremaine is doomed.
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Release Date:
October 11, 2017
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

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Under Northern command, Vicksburg is taken. Anneliese Tremaine, Sweetheart of the South, vows revenge. Don't sign the Union pledge, flee Mississippi, and preserve her family's honor by saving Willow Glenn from financial ruin.

But how? If she lives with her estranged sister who runs a bordello, Anneliese's presence there could ruin the family name. If she doesn't sign the Union pledge this could put her in prison. She could become a southern spy and end up in the clutches of death.

Aunt Charlotte offers a solution. Convince a soft-hearted Yankee to enter into a counterfeit marriage with Anneliese for safety-sake. Save the revenge till later.

But when Anneliese's aversion to her husband in-name-only turns into one-sided passion of love and desire, the plan goes awry. Once Captain Ruark McKenzie discovers she refused to sign the Union pledge it'll be his head or hers. He's a Yankee first. The Union is his priority. The answer is obvious.

Southern Belle, Anneliese Tremaine is doomed.


He regarded Anneliese but she looked the other way. He lifted a shoulder. "I realize you don't want to talk, but you should know your being with me isn't for the reason you might think."

She turned back with a puckered brow. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Captain.     Why else would you come to The Paramount?" She stared out the window. "Besides, you can't know what I think."

Ruark arched a brow. "So you do have a voice." He sat back against the padded leather seat and stared down at his fingers. "You'll understand soon enough why I came," he said, looking up. "Oh, and as to your maid, she could've come inside. She still can if that's your wish." He checked his hat for any piece of dirt.

She shrugged. "What does it matter to you?"

"I don't think you'll hate me too much for this little rendezvous when you hear of my ingenious offer," he said.

She looked back at him again with narrowed eyes. "You mean I have a choice? Madam Burdett hardly gave me one." Pulling at the flare of her skirt, she cleared her throat. "Go ahead, sir. I'm all ears -- just one thing. When you return me to The Paramount I will be so bold as to ask you this."  

"And that is?" Their eyes locked.

"Don't invite yourself into my room no matter what Madam Burdett says."

Silence surrounded them.

She brought up the request one more time. "Maybe I'm asking the impossible."

He crossed his arms. "What were you asking?"

"Perhaps my request was foolhardy." She bit her lip and they eyed each other in silence again. 

"Was it a request or demand?" Ruark grinned. He studied her from the corner of his eye as she reached up to smooth her gloved fingers across her cheek.

As far as she might know, he already had her in his clutches, he just hadn't overtaken her yet in the coach as might come natural to most seducers. Not that he wasn't tempted. "I've no plans to lay a hand on you, Anneliese. It wasn't my intention from the start."

She didn't turn, but he hoped she was listening. He also hoped he could cool the heat of desire exploding inside his gut.

She lifted her chin when she looked back. "You know what they do at The Paramount. Well, it's not what I do."

Anneliese had to know he was aware of this from the start. "Yes, and?"

"Still, you paid for my company, Ruark McKenzie and yet you want me to believe what you say." Her eyes glowed. "I don't know what you want with me."

"You will."

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