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The Genuine Article -- EPUB

  • A young woman working at an auction house in Australia is asked to provide inside information to help her lover commit art fraud.
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Carol Fiorillo

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Sarah Hathaway is content with her single life and happy with her job at an auction house so when she is pursued by a handsome artist, she is cautious.

Due to a common interest in art and his undeniable charm, Robert Morton wins Sarah over. As their relationship progresses, he introduces her to his middle-aged friend and fellow artist Arthur Seaton.

It soon becomes apparent to Sarah that despite the age difference she has more in common with Arthur than her young lover. Dealing with feelings for two men is an emotional challenge but things take an unexpected turn when Sarah learns of a fraud targeting her employer and involving both Robert and Arthur.

Unable to believe she has misjudged the two men in her life so badly, Sarah is swept up in a whirlwind of deception, treachery, desire and retribution as she begins her search for the genuine article.


It wasn't until they waited for their coffee that Robert mentioned the painting again.

"Do you recognize that, Sarah?" He gestured towards a small oil painting on the wall nearest them. It was an ethereal image of a woman in a gray robe floating above a misty landscape painted in varying shades of blue. She looked like an apparition surveying a ghostly homeland.

"Yes, of course," she replied. "Blue Seasons."

"No, it's not." His gaze flicked to Arthur.

During the evening, Arthur had left Robert to do most of the talking. He offered no response now, looking as perplexed as Sarah.

"What do you mean? Of course it is," Sarah told Robert, bringing his attention back to her. "Carrington auctioned it only last month." It was the smallest of the twenty paintings in the Shades collection auctioned the day after she lost the key to the strong room. Because each of the paintings had sold separately she couldn't remember the price this one had fetched.

"That was a practice run." Robert looked at Arthur like he expected this piece of information to have some impact on him.

"You've done this before?" Arthur said. "I didn't know that." The news didn't seem to please him.

"Excuse me," Sarah said, holding up a forefinger. "Can someone fill me in here. Practice run for what?" she asked Robert.

Ignoring her, he spoke directly to Arthur. "I had to let you know there was some chance of success."

"I've told you before," Arthur said, irritation creeping into his tone, "I don't really care if you're successful or not. I've done what you asked and I consider my debt has been repaid."

"You owe Robert money?" Sarah asked. The conversation went off on so many tangents, she couldn't follow it at all.

"No, my dear," Arthur told her. "I don't owe Robert money, but I do owe him."

Sarah stared at him, unable for once to read his expression. It seemed resigned, almost defeated.

"What's going on here?" Sarah asked them both. Robert had a strange smile on his face as he regarded the other man. He had some sort of hold over Arthur, of that much Sarah was sure.

It was Arthur's turn to avert his eyes as he spoke softly to her. "I can see you knew nothing about this. Until recently, I thought you might be involved in some way."

He turned back to Robert. "We had better take Sarah to my studio, don't you think? We can skip the coffee. I'd rather get this unpleasant business over with."

Sarah gave up questioning either of them. Apparently, the answer to the exasperating riddle lay at Arthur's house.

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