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The Gambler's Inheritance by Jillian Chantal

Series Blurb: The suicide death of Dirk McSwain's father after the stock market crash of 1929 makes Dirk head of the family. His skill at gambling keeps food on the table but when the family home is threatened with foreclosure in 1937, Dirk needs big money to save it. He books passage on the Queen Mary where the wealthy travel and wager on card games. While aboard, he meets Eden McGill. When a passenger drops dead and Dirk finds himself in the middle of it, he teams up with Miss McGill to try to solve the crime.

1947- World War II has ended. The Queen Mary's duties as a troop transport are over. She's now ferrying US war brides home from Europe. Beaumont McSwain, legal officer onboard the ship, is charged with keeping order as the women make their way to their new lives. Zoe Langlois, a fake bride searching for the remaining members of her family is safely on her way until someone starts murdering the French women.

In 1966, the Queen Mary is on her way to Long Beach, California on her last journey. Bernadette McSwain, daughter of Dirk and niece of Beaumont, is onboard to write a book about the spirits and ghosts haunting the ship. She finds herself at odds with a Spanish man, Lazarus Garcia. When people start to die, she suspects him. With a little help from the very spirits she's come to write about, she seeks to find the truth about the deaths. 

Books in series: 3

Genre: 20th Century historical