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The Faith Box by Deborah Kinnard

Lost beyond memory in the England’s darkest days, a man who will one day be called a saint gives a frightened woman a tiny ivory box. In it, long after their ways part, the woman places a small token of kindness given and received. Through her lifetime she cherishes the Box. As an old woman, about to bequeath her possessions, she decides to break with custom. She will hand down the Box through the female line. She charges her daughter to pass it on as she wills, from mother to daughter down the women of her family, and keep it separate from the inheritance that passes through father to son.

The Faith Box, therefore, travels through time through the hands of its female owners. At times, its possessor places in it a memento of a gift of faith. Some women find their talisman in their bright days, others in their darkest hour. The Lord gives with a secret voice, each into His daughter’s hand. Some relics tell of stories of strength, others tell of character made stronger in weakness. Every woman must pass the Faith Box on to a worthy descendant of her line—but it is up to each owner of the Faith Box to determine how she is to merit so rare and precious a gift.

Books in Series: 3

Genre: Historical Romance, Inspirational