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The Faith Box Book Two: The Healing Tree -- EPUB

  • A shipwrecked merchant lands on the coast of Cornwall. Soon he plunges into treachery, false justice – and true love with the local healer.

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Release Date:
April 21, 2013
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


A young English merchant dreams of riches, but is shipwrecked on the Cornish coast.

Richard de Knowle meets the local healer, Ebrel of Perran. Though their respective ranks forbid their joining, feelings quickly develop. She already has a suitor not to her liking. The suitor becomes Richard’s enemy. The men clash with words, later with swords. When her unwanted swain is found dead, suspicion centers on the newcomer. Richard is tried for murder.

The gallows' crossbeam breaks, saving Richard. The villagers claim a miracle, but Richard must seek justice from the local lord. Though the miracle spared him, he must clear his name if he expects to ask for Ebrel’s hand in honor.

Custom and circumstance decree separation. Yet the wheel of fortune turns, offering Richard a life in Cornwall. If he dares take the chance, he can hope to make a life with Ebrel at his side.


The girl caught her breath for only a few moments more, then sat up and matter-of-factly began wringing ditch-water out of the lengths of her hair. Richard lay quiet, not yet recovered, and watched, trying to hide the avidity that might show in his gaze. By the mass. She's beautiful. Very well, not beautiful, but...

Her fair complexion bore tiny diamond droplets from the water she hadn't bothered to skim off her skin. A few tiny freckles across her nose attested to time spent outdoors. Her lips, unpainted, had a natural rosy-pink sheen, shaped less like a woman's mouth than a youngster's, with a shy curve. The perfectly formed lower lip tempted a man's try at a kiss. Her eyes, large and light gray as moonstones, observed him calmly without fear or coyness. Thick dark lashes fringed those level eyes. A man's gaze almost, level and devoid of artifice. She continued wringing her ebony mane, then plaited it. As if she cared naught for such trivialities as style, she dropped the braid over one shoulder, where the curling tip bumped the belt at her narrow waist.

He coughed up some ditch water and found his voice. "May I," he said through a clogged throat, "know your name?"

"You'd be the stranger-guest." She got nimbly to her feet. "Or a bucca the sea spat out because you tasted bad, if you can credit what people are saying."

Unwilling to stay flopped on the bank like a toddler, he rose also, with less grace. As he struggled upright he watched her lips form words. She spoke English with a slightly less than accurate inflexion, as though she'd struggled mightily to acquire a second language. "That is what they say?"

"Aye so. Are you?"

"Am I what?"

"The stranger-guest at Penvean."

"I am new come to these lands, so much is true. Whether the sea rejected me as unworthy, who can say?" He squeezed water out of his sopping clothing, stepping aside into the grass to shake his head like a puppy. The rest of his party caught up, Wulfrid panting, Hildis's dark eyes alight with further adventure. "And now you know of me. Have you a name?"

"All know me 'round these parts."

"As you remark," he said mildly. "I am a stranger here, and lack that blessing."

"I am Ebrel. My father were Leolin, master of Perran, where I live." She pointed to a house Richard couldn't see.

"God's greeting, Ebrel."

Her pretty eyes narrowed. He'd never seen such heavy, dense black lashes. Either of his sisters would cheerfully kill for such eyes. "Sir Nameless of Nowhere, give me yours."

He gulped and some ditch water went down, making him cough. Ebrel watched calmly as he struggled. "Richard de Knowle, called sometimes Leonel, merchant of Bristol."

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