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The Faith Box Book Three: When the Roses Bloomed -- EPUB

  • After the Battle of Bosworth, a betrothed couple holds conflicting loyalties. To safeguard their love, they flee toward a stronger bond -- to each other.

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Release Date:
March 11, 2014
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo

Product Description


Margery and Robert are betrothed since childhood. Their fathers back different factions in the Wars of the Roses, but what is this to them? After the Battle of Bosworth, Robert and his father fight for the losing side. Margery’s anxious father breaks the betrothal and the youngsters escape by night. Though they cannot save Robert’s father, Margery insists they must hide Robert. With a plan to pass as servants, they seek safe haven in London.

A poor couple must cope with many distresses. They hover on the brink of survival until they find shelter with a sympathetic relative. Brother Thomas arranges them to go into the service of a very highborn lady. In Elizabeth of York’s kindness they find safe haven.

But she is betrothed to the new king, Henry Tudor, whom no-one knows. What will he do to the couple whose only crime was to back the wrong ruler?


"Please. I hear overmuch of how a countess must speak, and act, and eat…" Margery made a moue of distaste. "Mince and pince and tra-la act the lady. I hear it till it's like to run out my ears."

Robert took her small hand and enfolded it in both of his. "Then, by your leave. Anyone can see you're still but a slip of a girl. My father wishes to wait until you've more growth. Your lady mother…" Involuntarily he glanced back toward Axbridge Cross's manor house.

"You need say no more. I understand, for oft and often has she told me. She and Father wed early and she was brought to bed of my brother too young." Margery's changeable mouth set in a straight line. "Since then she has not her health."

"My father loves you as one of his own, poppet, and this you know right well. He has no wish to see you brought to bed too young, to see you ailing as Lady Lettice has done."

"I am mindful of it, and grateful. Sixteen is no age for bearing. Would I could be the sooner away from here, but your lord father does well to bid us wait. I know he does so out of concern for my well-doing."

"Aye so, and that of our children, when God sees fit to gift us so." Ah, at last he had her blushing. He liked to see her milk-fair skin color up. "So, my lady countess-to-be, we shall have speechings and dancings and feastings this night! And tomorrow we'll to church. But what of now, when it is just us two? Before this even, when we must be the center of all eyes? How shall we best celebrate our betrothal?"

"Why, sir," she said, coloring still more furiously, "you may kiss my cheek, if you like."

"Why, lady, what sort of celebration is that?" He gentled his voice from a scoffing tone. "Nay, I'll take thy lips." He leaned nearer on their log until there lay scarce an eyelash between them, and took her heated cheeks in his palms. Robert allowed her enough time and room to pull away if she would, yet Margery did not withdraw. Nay, she participated fully and most joyfully in the kiss -- a salute less than perfectly chaste.

Once he realized this, he made sure to offer a kiss to remember.

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