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The Discreet Gentleman by Kris Tualla

Brander Hansen lost his hearing at age seven, and his inheritance at twenty-three. Furious at his father's betrayal, Brander leaves home to make his way as Lord Olaf Olsen, a “discreet gentleman of discovery.” He uses his deafness to solve crimes for money, intending to put enough aside to buy his own estate and prove his father's decision wrong.

Brander delivers a desperate and widowed baroness, Regin Kildahl, to be married to his unsuspecting brother at their ancestral home—and realizes, as he escorts her from town to town along Norway’s southern coast, that he’s actually tracking a serial killer. A killer who’s most recent victim hits far too close to home.

When the situation with Brander’s family reunion turns out much differently than expected, Brander and Regin must work out their sudden and unusual marriage. As a Baron, Brander isn’t supposed to work a trade—but he’s spent all of his money redeeming Regin’s estate. But Regin is fascinated by her husband’s work and wants to be involved in his investigations. When Brander reluctantly agrees not only is Regin’s life in put in danger, but dark and shattering secrets surface which threaten their future together.

Books in Series: 5

Genre: Ancient Historical Romance -- Norway