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The Discreet Gentleman Book Two: A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony -- EPUB

  • Deaf investigator Brander Hansen, baron of a bankrupt estate, considers continuing his trade. His wife Regin demands to be involved, even when situations become deadly.
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Release Date:
August 11, 2012
Cover Artist:
Jenifer Ranieri

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Brander Hansen never planned to marry - until he fell in love with Regin Kildahl, Baroness of Hamar. Now married, titled and the owner of her bankrupt estate, Brander must come to terms with his unexpected new life. He aches to continue his vocation as a discreet gentleman of discovery, but Barons don't work in trade. Even when they desperately need the income.

Regin Kildahl Hansen adores her deaf husband and sees him as more capable than most hearing men. When two men turn up dead in the same house in the same week, Regin pushes Brander to accept the commission and resume his investigations - and allow her to secretly work alongside him.

He reluctantly agrees, until their investigation turns deadly. Now it's up to the deaf man to save her life. Will he reach her in time?


Regin leaned on Brander's desk and pinned her gaze to his. She had been thinking about a solution for the last three days and now seemed the right time to propose it. She knew her husband would object, but she hoped Niels might champion her once the men heard her suggestion.

"Send me in."

Brander frowned: Send you in to what?

"The Teigen household. As an upstairs maid."

Good Lord! Why would I do that? his hands shouted.

"I can search the rooms thoroughly as I dust or change linens. If anyone can find a secret passage, it's the maid," she explained. "I presented the idea to Marthe and she believes it will work."

Brander threw his words at Niels: Tell your wife to keep her opinions to herself!

Regin's fist pounded the top of the desk.

Brander's stormy gray gaze returned to hers.

"All you have to do is tell Lodur to pretend to hire a maid, one who works for you. Tell him that she is there to investigate and take notes." Regin leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Once you have the information you need, she will leave."

Good idea. But not you.

"Why not?"


"Give me a reason!"




Regin threw her arms wide. "Why are you being so damned stubborn?"

Brander jumped to his feet. His chair tumbled backwards and banged against the floor like thunder. His hands smacked against each other as his words flew at her so fast she didn't catch them all: You don't know... cannot walk in and just... not a game! ...get caught? Danger! My wife... what then?

His hands stilled, but his chest heaved with his overt display of anger. His brow lowered and the colors in his eyes were eaten by the black of their pupils. His next gestures were clear and intensely controlled: You. Are. A baroness.
Regin's arms were stiff and her hands fisted at her sides to keep from saying something she shouldn't. "I don't care."

His jaw rippled: Well you should.

She struggled not to show fear. He had never spoken to her with such fury before. "I can help you."

He flashed a sardonic half-smile: I have done very well for nearly nine years without your help.

Tears stung her eyes at his cruelty. She lifted her chin, determined not to let him see. "You are my husband. I love you. I want to be involved with that part of your life."

Some of the tension left Brander's shoulders and arms: What do you think you have to offer that makes it worth the risk?

Regin swallowed the lump in her throat. This was her chance; she had one skill which could be of service. Either he would agree, or she would be forever excluded.

"I can draw faces."



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Product Reviews

  1. Love, Suspense and Danger 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Feb 2013

    When I read the prior book in this series I was impressed with the development of Brander, the deaf hero. This book was even more intriguing and rounded our the main characters as their lives, love and skills in solving mysteries develop through the story. The hero comes to the understanding that his deafness is a key component of his personality - something the Deaf community in America today can embrace. The suspense and danger are very real and are set against the icy cold of Norway to immense affect. The historical context is interesting and adds to the complexity of the story. Be sure to get both of the fine books in this series (and the three still to come); but in my opinion the author developed both the story and the characters so skillfully that you won't be able to put this down until you reach the very satisfying ending. I couldn't. Both Brander and his new wife, Regin, are complex characters working together to solve a mystery in spite of the real danger that stalks them.

  2. CoffeTime Romance says "... a definite keeper!" 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2013

    I am absolutely in love with this book. After a long time, I am reading a really, really good romantic mystery with just the right amount of suspense... I love Regin–her spunkiness and how she got her revenge. I love Brander–for being a better man because he is deaf. They are one perfect couple. You can actually feel their chemistry on both an emotional and physical level. The suspense will keep you on the edge. I have actually finished this book in one day and cannot wait to get the next in the series. For now, I am going to get the first book, which I have not yet read. A definite keeper!!"

    ~ Mav, CoffeeTime Romance

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