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The Chronicles of Kassouk by Vijaya Schartz

Noah's Ark, a transport full of human settlers equipped to seed a new planet with life, crashes on the wrong world, a cold orb beyond the confines of the known universe. Seeking refuge in the abandoned alien fortress of Kassouk, the settlers and their motley crew fight for survival, against hostile natives, and advanced galactic races who consider them cheap labor and research material for their genetic experiments.

Stranded with no hope of rescue, deprived of their technology by the ruling aliens, the humans of Kassouk reverse to a medieval farming society with slight differences. Besides horses and swords, they keep large felines as pets and train them for battle. They also proudly adopt big cat names as warrior names, and women often strive as military leaders.

As they fight their alien rulers to keep their freedom and their pride, as well as the right to freely choose their mates… other, more insidious dangers lurk. Generation after generation, as the people of Kassouk evolve and secretly learn from the alien races oppressing them, a few start developing extraordinary abilities…

Books in series: 6

Genre: Science Fiction Romance