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The BloodDark Series by C & A Matthews

BloodDark – A tidally-locked world light years from Earth. One side lies in perpetual freezing night, the other in eternal sun-blasted day. The alien vampiric race known as the Pure Bloods have ruled the dark side for over a thousand years, taking refuge on BloodDark to escape a mysterious enemy that seeks their total destruction. They built a vast city and many wonders of technology, the most advanced of which is the Portal, a gateway to Earth.

Throughout history humans have been kidnapped to serve the Pure Bloods, who altered their own nature to make use of human DNA. From these experiments sprang the Quadsang and Overseer breeds, servants and soldiers that do the Pure Bloods' bidding. Not all submit to slavery and the Pure Bloods' malevolent rule. Many escape to the day side, where the vampires and their minions fear to go.

The world is a melting pot of cultures, philosophies and dreams, where anything can happen – and frequently does. Majestic airships sail the skies and steam-powered vehicles scour the land. Massive trains ply the silver lines across the deep frozen deserts of the dark side. Huge statues stand silent guard over ruins that hold unfathomable and dangerous secrets. Join renegades on their quest to overthrow the decaying and decadent Pure Bloods. Sail with airship captains in search of fame and fortune. Experience the streets, souks and bazaars of Penumbra City, or venture into the labyrinthine canyons and spires of the Mosaic Desert. All of these await you – on BloodDark.

Genre: New Adult Science Fiction Steampunk

Books in Series: 3