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The Agarthi Conspiracy Book Four: Realm of the Black Sun -- EPUB

  • A bizarre fantasy romance between a CIA agent and a lost Nazi both trapped in the Hollow Earth. Can a widower find love again with his worst enemy?
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Release Date:
August 11, 2016
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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On a near-suicidal mission to rescue the Dali Lama behind the Bamboo Curtain, CIA agent Stuart Mackenzie discovers beneath the ancient cellars of the Portala Palace an opening into another dimension, The Land of Shamballah, a realm inhabited by an ancient evil, imprisoned by the Buddhist monks.

But the secular Communist authorities are destroying the ancient bonds holding it back. 

Mackenzie discovers the link between UFOs and an ancient evil that yearns to feed upon our unsuspecting world. He must discover how a modern man can thwart a spiritual threat that proves immune to the latest technological weapons. Along the way he frees Hilda, a young woman separated from the Nazi expedition to Tibet in 1938.

Mackenzie spent six years fighting the Nazis. Can he work with one now to save Humanity? And can a widower find love again with his worst enemy?


"Hey! Hunchback! Hey!"

My calls echoed down the passage. There was no response. I couldn't see any other cells, just blank wall for a few yards in each direction. Maybe I was alone down here? I grinned. The larder must be pretty bare, then.

This was crazy. I slammed a fist against the bars. The door rattled a little, but not enough to get my hopes up.

One part of my mind told me this wasn't real, that it was some kind of fever dream, a hallucination. I'd fallen and hit my head. I must be still knocked out in that maze of tunnels under the palace. Or maybe the Chinese had captured me and were employing some new brainwashing technique. Nothing else made any sense. I couldn't really be stuck in a dungeon being fattened up for a giant's wedding feast straight out of a fractured fairy tale -- Jack and the Beanstalk meets the Lord of the Flies.

But the rest of me knew it was real. I'd been through so much in my life that by now I could see through the lies we spin to disguise reality because we can't take the truth. We see miracles and explain them away as coincidence. That's the way the spirits like it. You won't make any effort to defend against attacks from an enemy you don't believe exists. The Devil's just a myth, so all the wisdom of the ancients in dealing with evil spirits is dumbed down into bedtime stories for children.

I gave the bars a tug. Cold iron bars. Just the kind of thing you'd use to keep malevolent spirits in check. The prince must use these cells to discipline unruly subjects. Well, the trouble is, iron works on people, too.



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