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Tabor Heights Year Two: The Teddy Bear Dancer -- EPUB

  • A child needing protection gives two people a taste of family life and courage to face their brutal pasts to make a future together.

Other Details

Release Date:
July 11, 2015
Cover Artist:
Carol Fiorillo
Teddy Bear Photography:
Taria Reed Studios

Product Description


Vic owed Agent McCoy his soul, so when 10-year-old Joey McCoy arrived in Tabor, needing protection, he gladly paid that debt. Children weren't his forte, so he turned to Rene, his business partner, for help.

Two weeks of instant family life had them chafing at the secrets they both imagined blocked their passage from friendship to love. Minor irritations, like someone sabotaging their gym and husband-hunting twits trying to trap Vic added to the discontent that threatened their safe, comfortable lives.

Then Joey's talent for calculating the odds gained the attention of the wrong people. Protecting her and paying his debt exposed Vic's secrets to the wrong people -- and to Rene. If they could learn to face the past together, they might just be able to build a future together.


What was that sound? Vic paused, his arms full of blankets and pillow, and frowned up at the loft. Underneath the strains of Tchaikovsky, he heard a soft thumping. Almost rhythmic. He dropped the bedding and headed for the stairs.

The thumping grew a little faster and louder. Vic held his breath as he climbed and walked on his toes to soften the sound of his steps. The metal treads of the stairs barely creaked with each careful, slow step.

Vic's head cleared the landing. His mouth dropped open. Then he grinned. He finished climbing the steps and stopped with one hand on the guard railing around the loft.

Joey danced around the loft in her bare feet, dressed in his newest tee-shirt. One of his wrestlers on the junior varsity squad gave him the latest VeggieTales shirt, featuring a grinning Bob and Larry. The soft material hung to Joey's calves and swayed with her movements like a skirt. She held a disreputably shabby, faded blue Teddy bear out at arm's length as her partner. Her head tilted to one side, her expression as solemn as only a child's face could be. She swooped and spun and managed to be everywhere in the loft without knocking over anything. There was more exuberance and energy to her dance than style, but her natural grace was enchanting.

Vic stayed still, one foot on the landing, and watched until the song ended. Joey made a low bow to her bear, almost touching the ground with her hands. She straightened, a bird-like giggle escaping her lips. He started clapping, and her laughter broke off in a little yip of surprise.

"That was great. Who's your friend?" he hurried to say, when the little girl skipped backwards and blushed and generally looked like she wished she were somewhere else. "He's quite a dancer."

"Super Ted." Joey clutched the bear close, rocking him a little, and half-hid her face in his mangy, threadbare fur.

"Does he fly? He needs a cape for that, doesn't he?"

"No." Her scornful look made Vic want to laugh, but he refrained. Inside, he cheered that she felt comfortable enough with him to be critical of his adult stupidity. "He's the bestest guard in the whole world. Jason says he keeps lots of secrets safe. He said I had to keep Super Ted close and never let him out of my sight, and I'd be safe."

"Do you think Ted would mind if I helped out a little?" Vic waited as she gave that some serious thought, then grinned and shook her head.


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