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We are currently seeking submissions to fill our 2018 and 2019 release schedule. Please be aware of this timeline when submitting. Desert Breeze Publishing releases six to twelve books a month, with three release dates a month on the first, the eleventh, and the twenty-first with two to four books at each release.

Desert Breeze Publishing is a publisher of romance fiction in a variety of sub-genres, as well as mainstream women's fiction either with or without romantic elements. We also publish both Christian romance and Christian women's fiction, and a variety of young adult and new adult fiction. In those books categorized as romance, romance should be the prevailing theme of your manuscript, not romantic elements.

We are seeking manuscripts from novella length (between 25,000 and 35,000 words approximately) to super novel length (exceeding 100,000 words), with a preference for novels between 55,000 and 80,000 words. We are more than willing to accept queries on book series, and will consider a series concept when at least one book is completed, a second novel is at least partially complete, and the series has been thoroughly formulated.

We are not seeking anything shorter than 25,000 words, with a strong preference for shorter manuscripts of at least 30,000 words.

We will review previously published manuscripts; however, proof of release must be provided. We prefer to see some new material along with your previously published manuscripts.

We are looking for submissions in all of the following genres:

* Contemporary

* Suspense

* Military-themed

* Romantic Comedy/Humorous Romance

* Christian/Inspirational

* Urban Fantasy

* Fantasy

* Paranormal

* Science Fiction/Futuristic/Speculative Fiction

* Steampunk

* Modern Cowboy

* Historical -- both prior to 1900 and 20th Century/Vintage

* Young Adult & New Adult

* Time Travel

* Manuscripts with specific celebratory or holiday themes

* NEW! Superhero

All of the above genres would be welcome in Romance and Mainstream Women's Fiction. We enjoy novels that cross multiple genres.

We have a lot of series going on right now, so we'd love to focus on single-title releases. That isn't to say we won't consider a series, but it may be more difficult to schedule to assure our release schedule is well balanced.

We wish to promote the growth and expansion of the Sci Fi Rom/Futuristic Romance/Speculative Fiction Romance genres by offering exceptional character-driven novels and series offering appeal to the die hard sci fi fan as well as the adventurous romance lovers. Sci Fi romance must be smart, well planned, well thought out to build amazing worlds and possible futures with strong characters and great character chemistry and development.

In the same vein, Steampunk (and all variations thereof, ie: Gaslight, Diesel Punk, etc) is a genre in high demand.

We would like to see romantic suspense novels, especially with characters who serve in law enforcement, civil service, or the military. And that's not just limited to the heroes. We'd love to see books where the heroine is the one doing the saving and protecting, or works beside the hero in an equal position.

We are actively seeking inspirational and Christian novels with a bit more real world flair. It's not always easy being a Christian, and we would like to see novels that express that.

If you are offering a manuscript with a specific celebratory or holiday theme, please indicate this in your submission. It would be our goal, if possible, to schedule your book release to coincide with whatever holiday you focus on in your manuscript to optimize sales potential.

Our stand on sexual content...

Sex shouldn't be what brings your love interests together, or pulls them apart, and it shouldn't be the 'solution' to whatever problem they encounter. Here's an easy guideline... If you can't give us a short synopsis for your novel without explaining how sex moves the plot, or is vital to the plot, or if the plot would come to a halt if the two people didn't have sex, then the manuscript may not be a good fit at Desert Breeze.

We actually like a "behind the door" approach, and believe the best part of a romance is the tension and build up. If that is done right, you don't need the details of the intimacy event, so to speak.

We like to say that we offer classic romance, not always in classic settings. To us, classic romance means the love is a growing process. There's the fluttering heart at a brush of a hand, the blush at a soft glance -- the 'romance' of romance, if you will. Now, just because the hero is a 500 year old Vampire and the heroine has been raised as a Vampire Slayer... not very 'classic' -- that doesn't mean their love story can't be classic.

Please see our rating system on our customer care page to gain a better understanding of our sexuality/sensuality ratings.

What we want and what we do not want at Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.

We want original. However, 'original' walks a fine line sometimes with 'way way way outside the box'. Don't take a bunch of concepts and toss them in a blender, and hope that the ending result is an interesting novel. There are only so many story concepts in the world... make yours more unique and interesting than anyone else's. Adding too many elements to add interest often only results in confusion.

We want romance that touches our hearts and makes us want to turn the virtual page.

We want characters we can fall in love with ourselves. That doesn't always mean they're perfect... perfect is usually boring. Imperfection just means they're endearing in some other way.

We want to live the experience of falling in love right along with your characters. Make it real. Show us.

Keep our interest...

We want your book to be polished and edited within an inch of its life when you submit it to us. While we will not reject a manuscript because we see some structural flaws -- excessive grammatical and craft issues will be taken into consideration when deciding whether a manuscript will be offered a contract. Your submitted query should adhere to our style guidelines as specified here (POV, active voice, etc). If we determine too much editorial work is required, we may either request the work be done and you resubmit, or we may reject outright. Let your story not be overshadowed by poor editing.

We want active voice storytelling, no passive voice. Show us what's happening -- let us experience it, interpret it, and live it -- don't just tell us.

We prefer all books to be told in third person point of view, and require each scene remain in a single point of view for the duration of the scene. No head hopping and no omniscient POV. We are not excluding first person point of view, but your story must truly grab us. Romantic comedy and humorous romances have worked well in first person. While we are flexible on first person vs. third person, we are unwavering on our POV expectations. Although we have accepted first person present tense in the past, we no longer accept manuscripts written in this format.

As mentioned, we are not publishing erotica or erotica romance.

We do not want books laden with Purple Prose to avoid being too explicit or sexual. We do not want intimacy for the sake of heating up the manuscript.

We are not publishing gay, homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, multiple partners, BDSM or other alternative lifestyles romances. This is a preference, and not a statement of morality.

We are also not looking for children's books, autobiographies, poetry, self-help, short stories, essays or essay collections, sermons, lesson plans, devotionals, memoirs, fanfiction, or non-fiction.

This should go without saying in most cases, but certain story elements will immediately exclude a manuscript from consideration: pedophelia, bestiality, incest, necrophilia, non-consensual sex in any context (rape, forced seduction, etc) as a means of forwarding a potential romance, and intolerance for any group classification. In regards to the final point, we do acknowledge some time frames are defined by the detrimental treatment of another group based on race, sex, creed or religion and would hope the topic would be handled carefully.

Should you have any questions about our guidelines, or whether an element of your novel is either acceptable or unacceptable prior to submitting to us, please feel free to email us at Submissions@DesertBreezePublishing.com.

Submission Process

We ask that all submissions follow the guidelines as presented in the next section. We previously allowed simultaneous submissions, but we've been burned in the process. So, we have adopted a No Simultaneous Submissions policy. Multiple submissions to Desert Breeze are perfectly fine.

Manuscripts not submitted following the guidelines will not be reviewed. We also do not send out emails asking you to follow the guidelines if you have not. Your query will be deleted without further response. If you submit to us a book that does not fall into our offered genres, we also will not respond with either a rejection or an explanation. Please be aware of our preferences and guidelines.

It is our intent to respond to all submissions within twelve weeks of your initial email, and may vary from an immediate response to the full twelve week timeline depending on our volume of submissions. If you have not heard from anyone after three months, please email and ask for confirmation whether the manuscript and query was received.

Once the manuscript has been reviewed, you will either receive an offer to publish or a declination with as much explanation as to why we are rejecting as we feel is warranted. We thoroughly believe in offering whatever guidance we can. On some occasions, an initial rejection may be given with the caveat that if certain changes or edits are done we will entertain reviewing the manuscript again. In this situation, you will be advised as to how to resubmit your manuscript. We ask that you resubmit only if invited to do so.

When a contract is offered, you will receive information on cover art creation, the editing schedule and procedure, and a release date. You will be provided detailed information on manuscript formatting, and all manuscripts must be updated by the author to meet these guidelines prior to the beginning of formal edits.

Send all submissions to Submissions@DesertBreezePublishing.com.

Submission Guidelines

In the subject line, please include the name of the manuscript and your intended genre.

Please include a query letter in the body of your email. In the query letter, please provide the following information:

* The manuscript title. If this is in a series, please provide the name of the series.

* The manuscript genre

* The manuscript word count -- use the Word Count Tool in your word processing program.

* Based on our ratings system, what rating your book would garner (sweet, warm, sensual or intense).

* A 100-word blurb about the manuscript

* Any publishing credits you may already have. Being previously published is not a requirement.

* Any acknowledgments, nominations or rewards you may have received.

* Please provide your website address and the best email which to contact you. It is our opinion an author website is a requirement for publication.

* Finally, tell us why you feel DBP is a good fit for your manuscript.

Please attach two (or three if applicable) separate files in .doc format. Do NOT send rtf files.

* The complete manuscript

* A detailed synopsis of the manuscript, with a maximum double spaced length of 10 pages. Do not leave unanswered questions. Provide the main characters, the setting, the pertinent and important events, the conflict, and the resolution.

* If your manuscript is part of a series, please include a short synopsis of the series including any story arcs that tie the books together. This synopsis should be no longer than 2 to 3 double spaced pages.

* All files should be named to indicate the content (full manuscript, synopsis) with book title and your name.

Thank you for reviewing our guidelines, and good luck with your submission!

Gail R. Delaney


Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.