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Storm Crossed -- EPUB

  • Camelia must leave everything behind and accept the lightning strike of destiny to become both Lynked mate to Christian and Storm Seeker.
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Release Date:
March 21, 2016
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

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Lonely college student Camelia Garrett is struck by lightning in the midst of a pond. She awakens with acute sensory sensitivity and a bizarre ability to absorb electricity. A mysterious and alluring man claims to have the answers, but Cami is afraid to believe his wild tales about what she has become.

Christian Hartt is part of a secret organization of Storm Seekers-men enhanced by the quantum storm who travel the world using their enhanced strength and abilities to assist with storm relief. But his ordered world changes the moment Cami summons him with a wordless call; the Lynk that commands him with his life binds them emotionally.

It has been generations since there has been a female Seeker. As Christian and Cami try to find the truth behind being Lynked, and what it all means, they come face-to-face with the most dangerous rebel Seeker in the world. One who wants Cami's unique power for revenge                                                                                                            


Fighting the swirling blackness and the all too real and frightening dreams, Cami opened her eyes. As she did so, her vision was blurry and out of focus. She blinked several times trying to clear it, but to no avail. She was in the hospital; if the smell of it didn't clue her in, the constant beeping sure would have.

She turned her head slowly toward a stream of light coming from the other side of the room. There must be a florescent light over the sink, because she could hear it humming, and it was loud. Otherwise, the room was dark. She swallowed and glanced out the window. It appeared to be night, and rain pelted against the glass. She licked her dry lips and tried to move.

"You shouldn't move yet," an unfamiliar voice warned.

Cami turned her head in the direction of the sound. She fought against her eyelids, heavy and aching to close once more. She forced them to remain open while searching for the source of the voice. He stood there, a few feet from the end of the bed ... a silhouette of a man standing in the darkness. Trying to see him more clearly, she squinted and blinked several times. She could not make out the features of his face; all she could discern was that he appeared rather large, and he wore something that reminded her of army fatigues, because she caught glimpses of the camouflage pattern.

"Who are you?" she whispered, her throat sore and constricted.

He shifted slightly and moved closer, but his face was still hidden in the shadows. "Perhaps we should hold off on the introductions until I stand a better chance of you remembering."

As he spoke, something sparked deep within her. A feeling of something being awakened and brought from the darkness to the light. His words reached out to her senses and a humming consciousness within her pulsed strongly to life.

"What are you doing here?" she squeaked, daring her traitorous eyes to close. She needed him to talk, she needed to hear him.

He angled his head to one side, as if confused. "You called me," he said quietly.

This response was not what her drug-laced brain expected, and the absurdity of this conversation was comical. "Of course I did." She giggled.

He was no more than a drug induced hallucination. A perfectly woven illusion brought forth in her hour of desperation. Even so, she still wished she could see the face of her visitor, to be able to call to memory the picture of the blessing her mind had so skillfully created; bet he was gorgeous.

"Are you real?" she asked as her body betrayed her. Her eyelids closed, and the feeling was so sublime she could barely protest.

"Actually, I was wondering the same thing about you." His deep voice was pleasantly warm and beautiful, like sunshine through stained glass. In response, the awareness grew stronger as did the pulsing current in her veins that tingled and flexed within its confines.

"Sleep now," the voice said. "I'll return as soon as I can."

The giggle bubbled up again. "Suuurrrre you will," she slurred with a grin. Whatever medication they had her on was rather nice. She yawned and gave into the darkness and the dreams that beckoned her to return. She didn't want to leave him, and wanted to tell him to stay, but before she could she felt a light touch on her hand.

"Wait..." Cami started, but she had not the strength to finish. She could already feel the cold void of his absence, and the humming awareness slowed, quieted, and winked out.

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