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Starting Over by Lynette Endicott

That heart-stopping moment, when all of life as you know it comes crashing down around you, is also the moment when you must choose what to do next. While it is difficult to imagine how, this is also the moment of starting over. Life brings challenges, whether you are ready for them or not.  Some life events call for action and change, while others are losses so devastating it seems impossible to go on, even when you know you must.

Follow these men and women as they face that moment, the fear and pain of loss -- of a career, health, a spouse or a child. Where does each find hope, or at least the faith to put one foot in front of the other in the new life that emerges after so great a loss? Drawing strength and comfort from friends -- both human and the four-legged variety -- from the beauty of the New Mexico mountains, and most of all through faith, each finds the way forward.

Life will never be the same, but each strives to find the joy, the ability to start over, to travel the path to living after the loss. And if lucky, to find love along the way.

Books in series: 6

Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance