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Stairway to Heaven -- EPUB

  • Sixteen-year-old actress Minx Reston dies while filming a Christmas special. A dark-winged night flyer angel named Reid shows her that heaven is just the beginning.
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Carol Fiorillo

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Sixteen-year-old actress Minx Reston dies while filming a Christmas special, kicked in the head by Rudolph the Reindeer.

She finds herself floating in a gray expanse between heaven and earth, marooned by the courier angel charged with flying her to the Stairway to Heaven so she can appear at Heaven’s Gate for processing. Rescued by a dark-winged night flyer angel named Reid, Minx learns the scoop about heaven from real insiders. Like the fact there’s sex segregation in heaven and interaction between male and female angels is severely restricted.

Reid forbids Minx to look upon his face for fear the two of them might imprint on each other. After all, once he delivers her to Heaven’s Gate and Minx gets placed in an Orientation House with other female acolytes, learning to be a proper angel, there won’t be time for them to meet anyway.

Or so they think.


“Come at me, devil spawn.” A blade of silver flashed from behind Minx's form to slash the attacking hawks just hand spans from her face. The sword shot out past her right side, wielded by the fighter who had called out just seconds before. Minx caught sight of an arm encased in leather and a dark wing extended outward, but she still could not see the warrior who hovered directly behind her, a being whose mighty martial presence covered her with his protection.

A double kill. Nice. His blade was sufficient to take both attackers down. Each hawk gave a final squawk as the lightning strike sliced them in two.

"Mercy," Minx breathed out, feeling reassurance and exultation at the same time, hardy emotions that rendered a spurt of energy flowing throughout her weakened system. She reached out to grasp at the cascade of feathers that scattered around her. No luck, for although the carcasses split into thousands of molecules that sizzled for a few short moments in the air, they rapidly fizzled out into complete nothingness.

"They weren't true birds," the voice behind Minx called out. "They were demon essence. Don't turn around."

"Why not?" Why couldn't she turn to see her rescuer?

“You shouldn’t see me. You haven’t been changed yet.”

That was stating the obvious. What connection did the one have with the other?

“Just don’t turn around, okay?” the speaker insisted. “It’s for your own good. Don’t make a big deal out of it.”

“Sure, if that’s how you want it.” Minx tried to visualize the fighter by the sound of his voice. Commanding, mature, but closer to her age range than to an adult like her father. He sounded like a typical guy from high school. Would he look like a regular guy even with his wings? He definitely didn't sound like he’d be a big majestic angel you’d see in historic paintings fighting the Apocalypse, one with a booming voice that could collapse mountains.

His tone made her sense she could trust him, and that made her long to see him, too. In spite of his order, Minx twisted her head to look. The angel was suddenly up against her from behind, his left forearm blocking her neck from turning. No pain, but it anchored her face forward.

"Don't look," the flyer repeated. "Not good for you. It’ll mess you up. I’m not joking around."

"I get it." He was in charge and she had to obey. Still, why should he care if such and such was good for her or not? She was dead, after all.

"Don’t fight me. I'm assessing you."

No, Minx couldn't fight anything right then. Didn't have the internal strength to wage another battle. She lifted up her hands to look for cuts. Those talons had sliced her, but she saw no evidence of it now.

"They get you?" he asked. She grunted yes. "That means you're infected."


"Harder to heal you."

“Great. What else can go wrong?"

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Product Reviews

  1. ",,, a flare for description..." 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jan 2015

    "For a debut book, the author definitely brings a flare for description in her writing that helps bring the characters to life.

    Readers will enjoy the journey the author takes one down as she paints a fluid and colorful picture in her rendition of Heaven. A definite must have, worthy of any angel romance collection!"

    ~Stephanie Lodes
    InD'Tale Magazine


    Posted by on 9th Oct 2014

    Wonderful descriptive writing....It made me feel as though I was present and participating in the moment with the characters, feeling what they were feeling. It held my
    interest so much so that I was not able to stop reading.......Highly recommended!

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