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Spirits by Barbara Scott

Abandoned by the living, the old house became a refuge for the restless spirits who once lived there and now cannot leave. For more than a century, from its origins as a Civil War hospital through a series of living owners, some attentive, some neglectful, the house endured, stoic and unyielding.

Not unlike Anthony Linville. Anthony believes the house has always been his. Death changed nothing. Yet, how can he rest in peace if the living keep disturbing it?

It's too bad his housemate and fellow spirit, Neal Fleming, insists on being sociable. It only gets worse when Deanna Butterworth returns to her deserted childhood home seeking her own peace and quiet only to find trouble instead. All the years she grew up in the old house, while her mother polished the historic gem to a new shine, Deanna never knew it was haunted. When Neal accidentally reveals himself, all she can think of is finding a way to send her ghosts to their just reward.  Little does she imagine that what may be just for some may not be rewarding for all.

The secrets of the old house will not be revealed easily.  With every revelation, danger lurks for the living and the dead. The Spirits trilogy is a series that "is both contemporary and historical, a love story, a ghostly triangle and a real one, a murder, a suicide, an unlikely heroine, and a hero that is far from heroic."*     *Patricia White of Under the Covers Book Review

Books in series: 3

Genre: Paranormal romance