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Spirits Book Two: Willing Spirits -- EPUB

  • When Deanna discovers her bitterest enemy is her soul mate, how can she let a minor inconvenience like death keep them apart?
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Release Date:
October 21, 2012
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Ghost Deanna's first attempt to frighten away Cookie Cragan, the new owner of her beloved home is a minor success. Cookie is convinced that her new bed and breakfast is haunted and explores ways to solve her ghost problem.

Unseen, unheard but refusing to be ignored, Deanna resents Cookie's transformation of the house. Her spooky tricks should drive the Cragans out.

Anthony, Deanna's old sparring partner, continues to foil her at every turn. He fears that her actions will only result in getting them exiled.

When Cookie enlists the aid of Alice, the elderly granddaughter of Anthony's old adversary Aloysius Murphy, and an eccentric but talented psychic, Muriel Badenne, Anthony and Deanna are thrown into dangers that threaten to wrench them from their little piece of eternity.


It was best to be wary of strangers, Anthony always warned her. And indeed she had no intention of being discovered herself. Far more effectively scary would be the fear of Murphy's Ghost, back to avenge his mysterious death. Deanna hoped Cookie would blame Murphy. Ghosts needed to be respectfully historic with unexplained tragic deaths to really scare the bejeebers out of you. Who would be frightened by a pudgy figure in jeans and a sweater not even dead a year?

"I hope you are proud of yourself."

She saw his pipe before she saw him, gradually allowing himself to materialize in the wreath of smoke encircling him. A new trick. She admired his repertoire, though it made her pitiful stunt pale to insignificance. "Well, yes, a little," she admitted less triumphantly than she’d planned.

"Throwing the bird didn't work." He sat down beside her. "Clarence didn't see it. He's convinced too much wine altered Cookie’s perception."

"Her perception? My flamingo conked him on the head! And he thinks she hallucinated it?"

"Clarence thinks one of the guest's children did it."

"One of the children?" Deanna folded her arms and frowned.

"Well, he did find another flamingo outside the Captain's Room door."

"Another flamingo?" Deanna stood and pointed a finger at him. "You put it there!"

Anthony admitted his guilt with a sly smile. "I rescued you, this time. Again."

"Again? Wait 'til I ask. Again. I'll drop you a note. Like before." She turned her back on him, trying to summon the concentration to vanish, but her anger interfered.

Anthony stood and whispered, close to her ear. "Just be careful. There's an undercurrent here I don't like. I don't trust Clarence, and Cookie is definitely not stable. There's something between them they don't dare talk about. Keep out of their way."

She bent her ear to her shoulder to brush him away then realized he was gone. "Damn!" Deanna turned and stamped her foot.

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Product Reviews

  1. ... a story filled with strong, intriguing, well-written characters... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2013

    "Willing Spirits is a romantic, haunting and fun story set in a house I’d like to visit and spend the night—in the little attic loft on the waterbed. Toss in a psychic, an Irishman searching for his lost uncle, an unfaithful husband, and a very nasty ghost no psychic should ever attempt to conjure up, and you have a story filled with strong, intriguing, well-written characters that keep you turning the pages to read what happens next."

    ~ Alli Harrison, Author of No Fear

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