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Spirits Book One: Haunts of the Heart -- EPUB

  • All Deanna wanted was a peaceful death. How could she anticipate the turmoil awaiting her in the afterlife?
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Release Date:
May 11, 2012
Cover Artist:
Gwen Phifer

Product Description

Deanna Butterworth escapes the pain and indignity of dying in a cold, heartless hospital by fleeing to her beloved but now abandoned childhood home.

But instead of peace and refuge, she finds the place haunted by two very lively ghosts. Neal, an amiable if confused spirit, steals her heart.

But it is Anthony, desperate to hide his dark secrets, who threatens her soul.

Snatched away to the Civil War past, Deanna must risk all she holds dear to uncover the treachery binding Neal and Anthony to her house since their deaths in 1864.


He left the room and returned with a bowl and washcloth. Deanna recognized her mother's antique washbasin. He juggled it so clumsily, the water sloshed over the sides. She cringed.

He mistook it for pain. "I thought so. You better let me look at your elbow. I'm a little out of practice at this business." He took her elbow gently and examined it. "Well, it still bends in all the right places. I think it's just bruised." He dipped the washcloth in the basin and wrung it out. Deftly, he dabbed her cheeks and her brow, then laid the cool cloth on her forehead. "Why don't you lie back? Does your head hurt?"

"A little." Deanna lay back as he asked her to, resting her throbbing head on the soft arm of the sofa. It hurt too much to think. She almost thought she could hear the separate compartments of her brain open, then slam shut again as she tried to puzzle out the stranger's identity and his odd behavior.

"Maybe I should call Anthony," he said.

"Who's Anthony?" Peculiar. Who's Anthony, but not who are you? Why wouldn't the question find its way to her tongue?

"Anthony?" He seemed surprised at her ignorance. "Anthony Linville... I'm sorry. I forgot. Just because I know you doesn't mean you know me. Us. You haven't seen us before. That's how this whole thing started, right?"

"Us? How many us?" She dreaded there'd be legions.

"Just two. Anthony and me."

"Did my father rent you the place for the season? If he did, I'll leave, of course. He doesn't know I came here, and with the house all boarded up. Well, naturally, I didn't think anyone else was here." She should have known there would be no haven.

"Rent? Oh, we never paid rent." His eyes reflected his humor. He seemed to delight in her confusion.

"But... oh, are you guests?" Yes, guest, not some homeless squatter who had broken and entered, please.

"Not guest. Wrong vowel. Ghost is the word."

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Product Reviews

  1. Ghosts and more 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Feb 2013

    Haunts of the Heart features one woman’s search for why two ghosts inhabit her childhood home. The ghosts, Anthony and Neal died during the American Civil War, each under circumstances that neither fully understood. Deanna attempts to discover what is keeping them tied to her home and in doing so falls in love with Neal. But Neal’s secrets are as deep as those binding Anthony and while the truth will set each free, the truth is also what will tear their friendship apart and hurt them deeper than their own deaths have.

    Usually 1/2 of Ch. 1 as a sample wouldn’t be enough to induce me to buy a book but Neal is such an engaging ghost with a charming sense of humor that I didn’t want leave him quite yet. Plus I’m a big fan of stories set in and around the American civil war that I’m usually inclined to take more of gamble on the book than I might otherwise.

  2. Two worlds collide 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2013

    Author Barbra Scott takes the reader into a very vivid and well-written adventure with Spirits book one, where she does an amazing job of weaving mystery, intrigue, and romance. The characters are real and dynamic, immediately drawing the reader into their struggles.

    The story follows Deanna Butterworth as she tries to unravel the mystery of why two ghosts, Neal and Anthony, are haunting her childhood home. Unable to stop, she has to put together the pieces of the puzzle and uncover the truth behind their deaths. Deanna finds herself immediately drawn to Neal, and the romance begins quickly, with a couple of steamier scenes throughout the book. Her passion for him drives her to root out all of Anthony’s secrets, which he is desperate to keep hidden.

    Haunts of the Heart has an interesting take on the “haunts” of ghosts. Overall, I felt that the author created a unique but very believable dive into their world, submerging the reader into the story and not letting go even after the final page.

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