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Southern Werewolf Chronicles Book Two: Were the Moon Don't Shine -- EPUB

  • Madison Lee is on a quest. Find her kidnapped fiancé and the perfect wedding gown. Doing it without killing her soon-to-be sister-in-law might complicate things.
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Release Date:
December 1, 2011
Cover Artist:
Nik Ranieri

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Madison Lee thought she had finally gotten the fairy tale ending she's always wanted. That was book one.

Now, Nicholi, her Prince Werewolf Charming, has been kidnapped, and her perfect wedding is slowly slipping through her fingers. With her mate missing and his irritating sister, Jessica, under foot, there's only one thing to do. Find his furry butt and make the snotwads responsible pay. Southern Debs, even furry ones, don't get mad. They get even!

With her brother Jonas and Jessica along for the ride, she's off to Milan to get her man back. Who cares that said rescue mission also coincides with Bridal Fashion week? As a woman of refined sensibilities, Madison is no stranger to multitasking. Locating the perfect wedding gown and her groom -- no brainer.

Coming out of this mess alive? Now, that's going to be the hard part.


"You broke my freaking nose!" she wheezed through the fingers cupping all the blood to keep the flood from gushing from it.

"You're lucky I didn't kick your good girl up around your neck. For wearing white after Labor Day alone, you deserved the broken nose." I twirled the bottle in my hand. "For trying to take me out in my own house, I am prepared to beat you mercilessly about the head and shoulders until your teeth fall out. Unless you can come up with a good reason why I shouldn't do just that, I'm trading this bottle for the Louisville Slugger behind door number one." The door she was blocking, but I didn't feel it prudent to tell her that.

"For your information, no one under the age of eighty gives a rat's ass about the Labor Day rule." Snotting a wad of blood on my pristine floor, she snarled. "And, I'm here because you've done something with my brother." Her eyes glowing golden in the shadows of the doorway, she whirled a finger around her head. "Screwed with his mind and made him forget his obligations to the tribe."

Now, this all made sense. No, not really. I got that this was about Nicholi. Why this whacko felt the need to come bash my face in when he wasn't even here confused the crap out of me. Unless! He was so busy mooning over me back in ye old ancestral home, he couldn't think straight. I liked that explanation, but doubted she'd travel thousands of miles to smack me when he was so much closer. Then again, who was this crazy bitch?

"Look, I have no idea what you're talking about." I shook the bottle at her. "So, let's start with the basics. Like a freaking name to go on the police report."

She flicked her bloody hand at the hundred year old wallpaper. Beulah would so kill her when she saw that. Well, if I didn't get the job done first. "I am Jessica Grantaru, Pax Bachia of Tribe Wessax Euromaxus and Nicholi is my brother. Now, what have you done with him?"

Sexed him up like nobody's business, but I don't think that was the answer she wanted. So, I went with the only one I had. "I ain't done nothing with him."

"Then, why did he miss the Convex?" She snorted, ending it with a coughing fit.

My brain processed what she'd said. Convex must be that thing Nicholi had gone on and on about. Since it hadn't pertained to our upcoming nuptials, I hadn't deemed it important enough to take much notice of. Only thing I could remember was that it was like a werewolf version of the House of Representatives and his attendance was mandatory. Okay, this part I did remember. Otherwise, he would never have left my side during such a hectic time in our lives. I hadn't bought his flattery filled goodbye, no matter how contrite he sounded, so shelved it away for later comeuppance.

If she was to be believed, he hadn't been lying about having to go. That said, why hadn't he made it to this big what's it? I knew he left here with every intention of going. Heck, I'd driven him to the airport in Monroe and we'd snogged like crazy until he boarded. Shocked and dismayed the crap out of the norms milling around, too. After that little make-out session, I knew only something important would have dragged him away from me. I wrapped my arms around me and went over to the window. That sent his sister into a tizzy. She kept shrieking something at me, but my mind refused to let me listen. Well, I refused to listen. Nicholi's sister was something of a bitch and really got up my nose. Ignoring her added years to her life.

Watching the breeze turn the lawn into an emerald ocean of waving blades of grass, I composed myself enough to roll over the facts in my head and didn't like what it added up to. Nicholi should have been hanging out with this bit of Eurotrash for the past month. The fact he hadn't, begged an even bigger question. Where in the world was Nicholi Grant? Biting my lip, I could only come up with one answer and it sent a shiver down my jammied back.

The Hunters of Algernon had my snooky booty!

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